TravelScrap HQ Launched!

If you were not around last Friday morning, I spent almost 3 hours live online setting up a new little mini site:

TravelScrap HQ

Travel Scrapbooking

My goal is to build a lot of content and let it be a source of leveraged income (affiliate links, ebook sales and non-live courses). I think the site will really start rolling once there’s a ton of content, but that is (of course) immensely time consuming. But, since both travel and memory keeping are subjects I truly love, I’m not that worried about the time spent. I would be making these books and albums anyway, so why not have a focused place to show them off?

I used essentially a big chunk of the info and strategy I have included in the BUILD ecourse. You can visit this page and watch the (long) video and check out my full to do list.

You can follow TravelScrap HQ on Instagram and Pinterest

Those are the only social media I’m using for now, because they are image-centric. I have grabbed TravelScrapHQ on Twitter and FB as well, but don’t have plans to use them very soon.

I am also accepting guest post and you can read guidelines for submission here.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site, let me know!

If you are thinking about creating your own tiny niche site, watch how I did it here and register for the BUILD ecourse


Travel journal tips and ideas

travel scrapbooking tips from Lemon and RaspberryYou saw my newest travel journal yesterday … here are some more tips and inspiration from other travel scrapbookers …

Things I’ve learned that work FOR ME:

  • Create the base of the journal ahead of time
  • Make sure the pages can be taken out and put back in at will
  • Take a hole punch, scissors, adhesive and/or stapler
  • Make sure you have plenty of paper
  • Make time when you can on the trip to write, but always take time when you get home to write

Tips and ideas from around the web:

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travel journal Colorado  header

Do you take a travel journal when you visit places?

I wrote a post for Campfire Chic years ago about how I prep travel journals. I still do a lot of the same, but I have definitely refined my technique.

First I tried a Moleskine. Too small, too inflexible with what I wanted to do. Too boring.

Then I tried a rebound vintage book. I love the way this looked, but as you can tell from the photos, the binding was a bit unforgiving. My issues with this type of journal was the binding was fixed, so everything I added that made the journal thicker just made it stay open more and more. PLUS since the binding was fixed, I wasn’t able to rearrange the pages at all. When you’re on the road and adding in ticket stubs or wanting to journal a story about the 3rd day before you get to the 1st day, this is a problem.

Then I tried using book rings to bind a bunch of pages together. This worked SO MUCH better! I loved that I was able to rearrange pages – if I needed another white piece to journal on or if I needed an envelope to stick receipts in I could just move them to where I needed. I also love that even though I added a BUNCH of stuff (maps, ticket stubs, etc) the book still lies flat.

I just finished putting together my Colorado travel journal for our trip this summer and while I’m still using book rings I made a few changes ….

I still have a BUNCH of unpacked boxes in my office, but I managed to easily find a stack of already coordinated, already cut, already hole-punched paper left over from my Scotland travel journal a couple years ago. Since this travel journal is for Colorado (outdoorsy, greens and blues) I think the same color scheme will work perfectly.

It’s all 8.5×6.5″ … basically an 8.5×11″ inch piece of paper cut in half. Because I’m lazy.

 travel journal Colorado  002

For my minibook cover: I just dug into my stash. I used mailing envelopes that I get every couple of weeks from Costco with my Project Life prints. In order to get a nice clean big enough piece, I actually used the front of 2 different envelopes.

travel journal Colorado  003

I trimmed down the book covers, dug again into my stash to pull out these BIG 3″ book rings.

I won’t NEED rings that big until the end of the vacation … and, really, the beauty of this binding is that IF for some reason I need smaller book rings I can just switch them out.

Let’s call this the rough draft …

travel journal Colorado  004

Next step …. pulling out white printer paper and graph paper, cut it in half and punch holes.

I realized after Scotland that I needed more white-write-on-able paper than any other color/style/size.

I have set aside the day after our trip for writing all day in case I need it. I may fill up all this paper. But even if I don’t, since I’m using the book rings I can just pull out the extra and save it for our next travel journal.

travel journal Colorado  005

Since I know I will likely be moving around the pages of this travel journal, I just stuck the white/graph paper at the front of the travel journal. It will all end up somewhere else anyway.

travel journal Colorado  006

travel journal Colorado  007

Next: To decorate the cover. Just pulled out (from my existing stash. Sensing a theme?) a sheet of scrapbook paper, trimmed it down and Mod Podged it on to the front cover. I decided that kraft/cardboard color would look good on the back cover undecorated.

travel journal Colorado  008

The flip side of that scrapbook paper is this solid green – I trimmed down a piece to hold the TITLE of the travel journal.

And then I messed it up – as you can see below. I thought I would run out of room so I started with letters on either edge. Turns out I ended up with an inch+ gap in the middle of the word so I had to start over….

travel journal Colorado  009

End result?

Started ‘Colorado’ in the MIDDLE of the green stripe, adding the date to an extra little color pop of blue.

travel journal Colorado  010

This is what I’m taking:

Travel journal, extra 6×9 envelopes that I will use to divide each day (as with Scotland), Instax camera + film, pens, pencil, adhesive, scissors, hole punch and a handful of (mostly Elise) stamps and stamp pads.

This is more than I would take if I were going to, say, 4 European cities or similar. But, we’re road tripping and staying with my brother so I have a bit more flexibility and room.

I still want to find my little baby travel stapler too.

travel journal Colorado  011

A small difference from previous travel journals:

USUALLY, I like to include our travel itinerary info at the very front of the travel journal. Flight times and info, hotel contact info, etc. But this time we have no definite plans, so I will start with just an intro few paragraphs about WHERE and WHY and HOW … and then we’ll see how much I include of the full day of driving.

I love it so far ….. I’ll love it even more when it’s full.

I’ll probably get Andrew to journal a bit too. … He’s great about taking photos AND writing a bit of journaling for anything he does without me.

travel journal Colorado  012

I would definitely recommend taking a look at my finished Scotland travel journal … this will likely look very very similar!

Probably fewer maps and brochure since we won’t be visiting NEARLY as many museums, cathedrals, etc.

Do you take a travel journal when you visit places? What are your best travel journal tips?


Summer travel scrapbooking resources

Now that Labor Day is over (I had a great, productive day off!) …. I guess summer is over, huh? Sad.

I hope you got to cross everything off you ‘summer bucket list’ and travel and relax and just enjoy all kinds of fun in the sun.

BUT! Before you let this summer go … don’t forget to RECORD YOUR MEMORIES.

Whether that is simply journaling in a Word doc, or a lovely fat art journal, you don’t want to lose the little moments and big adventures from this past season.

Here are just a couple summer memory-keeping resources to help you along:

My Summer Lovin’ journaling resource

Only $4 – I’ve intentionally kept it SUPER affordable so if you need the inspiration, you can get it

I’ve basically just brainstormed from my own summers past, from some of my previous-summer blog posts, and from various other online resources (like Sunset Magazine’s twitter feed of all places).

This journaling resource will inspire you to record your summer memories with more detail and breadth than you maybe have ever done before.

Some of these are journaling and story ideas that can be reused every year, some will simply jog your memory to record a past summer story before it’s gone.

(This is not a class. This is merely some suggested prompts and ideas for documenting your summer.)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and get more info

summer lovin journaling resouce

Big Picture Classes has launched a self-paced class: Unpack your Vacation Memories

Vacations mean oodles of photo opportunities…but all those vacation pictures seem to be right up there with laundry on the list of things we dread dealing with when returning home.

What if there was a simple way to get the highlights of your trip into a fun, creative, eye-catching format in a weekend or less? Well, you’re in luck – we’ve got exactly that!

Tami Morrison will help you unpack your vacation memories into a fabulous conversation piece album that will be admired over and over again.

I haven’t personally taken this class, but you can purchase and get more info here

and another favorite:

Ali Edwards’s self-paced Scrapbook on the Road ecourse:

I’ve reviewed the ecourse here, but visit the site to purchase or get more info

PROJECT : A Scrapbook On The Road is simply a small album you put together prior to a trip that allows you to document your travels as you are experiencing them.

DESCRIPTION : Get inspired to create your own Scrapbook On The Road as a way to document your next trip. Whether traveling across town or around the globe, the ideas and concepts in this class can be easily adapted to your personal travel situation. Please note that this class is geared towards creating an album for an upcoming trip vs. telling the stories of past trips.

You can also check out MY travel journals here – for Scotland and for Alaska – or learn how I put my travel journals together.


Scotland Travel Journal UPDATE

Just wanted to show you the final travel journal with the big photos in…..

As I mentioned in my review of Ali’s Scrapbook on the Road class, a travel journal/scrapbook like this is really more about the WHY than the HOW. You can clearly see (like with my autumn minibook) that technique and fancy stickers/stamping/etc is not important to me.

This is pretty much JUST photos, stories and memorabilia.

and I love it.

I ordered a small handful of 5×7 matte finish photos from each day that we were in Scotland. Most of the photos are adhered back-to-back to make their own new page, but some of the photos are adhered onto one side of a sheet of paper.

I would also like to point out that my darling husband took the time to sit down and journal his impressions of the trip as well.

Bless him.

There were some times that he and I split up, so of course I needed his take as well. Ex: The 5th photo below is Andrew’s journaling on the left and his iPhone photo on the right…

Now this journal will sit on our shelf, complete, until someone is ready to sit down and read the stories!


Wait. That’s not true …. I still have to type up all the stories in it to go in our Blurb book.

I’m a little embarrassed to tell you all this – I feel like I’m going to get kicked out of the scrapbooking cult.

But, um…. I haven’t made a ‘proper’ scrapbook page in years. YEARS! At least 4, I would guess.

Instead, I blog all the stories and photos, and fully intend to build them into Blurb books. I’ve recently become an affiliate for Blurb, and I’m genuinely excited about it  …. Again, I understand if this means I am now kicked out of scrapbooking :)

I’ve made several Blurb books over the last few years, and I really love the ease of design, the quality of the binding and the affordability…. These books are a great GREAT option for putting your stories together. PLUS, since the last time I made a book, Blurb has updated their design software to make it far more flexible. I don’t have photoshop to make my own page designs separately, but the editing capability of the BookSmart software is perfectly flexible for my needs.

I seriously can’t wait to show you the book that I’m working on!!

I’ve started our Blurb book for our Alaska trip, and as soon as that is done I will be making the Blurb book for our Scotland trip.

And THEN I need to go back and make a book for my England and Italy vacations (from 2009). I also have plans to make a smaller book for the portraits Andrew and I took last year.

I plan on using Blurb’s big coffee table book format, so I can print large photos, with a nice hard cover. Seriously very very excited – and can’t wait to show you!!

If y’all have never used Blurb, here are 2 reviews from 1st time users : Elise and Nettio Designs

Now is the perfect time to try it ….. For the holiday season I’m so happy to share with you that Blurb is offering 15% off any book order with promo code AFFILIATE15OFF through 11/30 AND free shipping this coming weekend (11/25 to 11/28) using promo code AFFILIATEFREESHIP

Need to let you know ahead of time so you can have time to design your book…. :)  I’m designing a big Blurb book right now and between adding all the images, all the text AND doing all the formatting it’s taking awhile.

Just like scrapbooking :)

In addition to travel books think about :

Can’t wait to show you my Blurb book as soon as its done … and be sure you show me yours :)


Travel Journal: Scotland

A couple weekends ago I *finally* finished up my travel journal for our Scotland trip!

Wait, that’s not even true….. I *mostly* finished up the travel journal.

I spent ALL day (as in 8 or so hours) sitting at the kitchen table, piles of loose papers and pamphlets and Instax mini photos in front of me … and just wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote…

All by hand – which I kind of love – and as many little stories and details as I could possibly remember.

It feels good to get it all out onto paper. I was a *little* afraid I’d forget all the best parts before I had a chance to write them …

As a reminder, I loosely used the tips and principles in Ali Edwards’ Scrapbook on the Road class. You can read my review here.

You can check out the BEFORE prepped, pre-travel journal in this post.

First page: Beginning with the why and how we got so lucky as to be able to go on a second vacation this summer:

Here are some examples of the pages so far.

Do you see how text-heavy the pages are?! Lots and lots of stories to be blogged at Those Crazy Schuberts!

You’ll notice:

  • it’s not super scrapbooky-embellished. Not my style. Story is the priority.
  • a couple postcards were used for journaling. I had just bought a whole stack and didn’t end up using them all for friends/family.
  • The computer-printed pages are text taken from the guidebook – historical background of the places
  • hand-written text primarily on white/graph paper. Need to remember to bring more of that on my next trip
  • not a whole lot of cardstock used. I realized I hated to cover it up with white paper (for journaling) and I feel like a lot of the colors were too dark to write on (no matter, I can use the same color scheme for a future mini-book like this)
  • the folded pamphlets all have a few extra holes punched so they fold nicely into the book
  • in addition to pamphlets and ticket stubs, I also got several maps, a coaster from a pub and a napkin in there
  • I really loved using the big envelopes as section dividers for each day. In the envelopes I stuck receipts (from food, tickets, etc) for that particular day.

Let me know if you have any questions about how this came together!

Still to do:

  • I will be adding SOME photo prints. There are a couple backs-of-pages that don’t have journaling that will be a good place for a photo, and I intend to add some back-to-back photos as stand-alone pages. I’ve ordered some 5×7 prints – the book is 8.5×5.5″.
  • Andrew has PROMISED to do some journaling. There are a couple blank spots set aside especially for him (on days, or parts of days that we did separate things), plus I’m hoping he’ll add in a little throughout. We’ll see.

This is the stack of paper that was originally part of the prepped travel journal, but wasn’t needed for the final version:

Again, the text-heavy nature of the travel journal means I didn’t use even HALF of the cardstock I had cut/prepped for the travel journal.

I love (love love) that I have all our stories written down now.

My plan is to use the text from the Scotland traval journal for both my blog posts about Scotland and the big coffee-table-Blurb-book I am going to put together with all our photos!

Can’t wait!


Scotland travel journal prepped

Since we’re leaving for Scotland tomorrow, I’ve been working on putting together our Scotland travel journal.

If you saw my post about our finished Alaska travel journal, you know I had a few specific changes I wanted to make this time around.

Specifically: More flexibility in number of pages and order of the pages.

So, I headed out to our local office supply store and got some big book rings and other goodies to make our travel journal.


  • 3 3″ book rings
  • 8.5×11″ paper (cardstock, plain white printer paper and graph paper)
  • 6×9″ envelopes
  • index cards
  • pretty little scrapbooky-travel-themed envelopes

I’m kind of a lazy crafter …. I deliberately just chose one of the fastest-to-make sizes for the journal.

Just cut in half all that 8.5×11″ paper … and voila! A handmade book 8.5×5.5″!


  • cut all the paper in half
  • punch holes in all the paper (oh my word, this took SO long and killed my hand/wrist!)
  • randomize your paper samples
  • put it together.


I actually pulled out 7 of the big 6×9″ envelopes …. and I am tentatively planning to make those the ‘dividers’ between each day. And then rearrange the rest of the filler paper as needed between each day’s journaling.

For the cover:

  • The back piece is just a plain piece of chipboard that was part of the packaging for the 6×9″ envelopes.
  • The front cover is a plain piece of cardboard (pulled from the packaging of a wall calendar), cut to 6×9″ and painted gray
  • The cover design is my own handwriting, written on first with pencil and then painted over (moderately carefully). I love the look of a hand-drawn thin border to finish off the look without being too over-perfect (see the same border here as part of this post. Also here.)
  • The text of August 2011 and the blue little embellishment are also hand-painted. I mixed the paint to get light light gray and the subdued blue to not draw attention from the white white ‘Scotland’

And that is about as decorated as the book is. There is literally NO embellishments of any kind inside the book. Just paper and envelopes.

I’ll show you more inside details once it’s full!

Speaking of, I’m pretty sure this is way WAY more pages than I will need, but since I am using book rings to bind it, I can easily take out the extra pages and use them for a future project or travel journal!


Other prep work includes:

  • copying our friends/families’ addresses to one of the last pages for postcard-duty
  • adding our flight info and itinerary to the front
  • gathering the extra supplies to take with us (adhesive, pens, hole punch, stapler)

I am SO excited to fill this up! And maybe even get the rest of the family we’re traveling with to add a little bit! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


Travel Journal: Alaska

I’ve been back from our Alaska cruise for, what? 10 days? Since we’re leaving again in less than a month, I’ve been really trying to stay on top of my email and blogging and photos and such…. but finishing my Alaska travel journal was my #1 priority.

From watching the video as part of Ali Edwards’ Scrapbooking on the Road class, I realize that my memories recorded while being ON the trip would be different than memories recorded a week, 4 weeks, or 4 months later.

I didn’t do a whole lot of journaling in my Alaska travel journal WHILE traveling…

But, then I got home and spent pretty much an ENTIRE day writing and gluing and writing and writing and sorting and all…

It took me ALL day!

First, sorting all the tickets, papers, Instax photos, etc by day.

Then, recording all the activities and stories I could remember…

It turned out like this:




As you can see from the sample pages below (and the list of supplies above), I really didn’t include any extra scrapbook paper or many embellishments at all.

This is REALLY more of a journal than a scrapbook.

It’s VERY text-heavy, and I won’t be adding any additional photos.

In the gallery below, find just a sample of the pages of our Alaska Travel Journal:

(the full stories and all will be blogged on Those Crazy Schuberts in the coming weeks)

I didn’t adhere any of the Instax in the book on the trip – I wanted to be sure to be able to scan those images first.

I also found that since the book binding was set and I wouldn’t really be able to reorganize and move around the pages, I was less inclined to record while we were on the road. I had PLENTY of time, but I also know that structure is important to story-telling so I was hesitant to bind myself into a particular organization of travel-memories.

Does that make sense?

Example: We had Monday all day at sea, and I started a section in the book recording all the dishes and food we were eating. But I obviously wanted all of that info together in the book … so how many pages to I allow for it?

When we went to Ketchikan the next day, I had to count ahead a number of pages, guessing how much room I’d need for the FOOD chapter of the journal.

I much prefer to not be bound into an order/organization without being able to see the whole picture.

I think since I really focused on putting the journal all together just about 36 hours after we returned, I was able to remember plenty of details and touches and moments that were a fun part of the trip.

Since I took the time to organize the ticket stubs and maps by day, I think the organization of this journal is pretty solid.

The night I finished it, Andrew came home and read it straight through cover-to-cover. And laughed out loud several times…

Always a good sign :)

I’m pretty happy with the way our Alaska travel journal turned out …. My plan is to put together the bulk of the digital photos (and scans of the film) into a Blurb book as soon as I get a chance!

Next up? Scotland travel journal.

Which I plan to make myself ….

Some things I’ll be doing differently with my Scotland travel journal:

  • Using book rings to bind the book.
    This will allow me to move around the pages all I want, as well as add photos after the fact if I want.
    This will (hopefully) also keep the book from looking like it is bursting at the seams like the Alaska one
    This will ALSO keep me from having a bunch of blank pages at the end that I can’t take out.
    This will ALSO let me include extra pamphlets and papers as their own page (with holes punched) rather than adhere them to other pages and making the book bulkier.
  • Write more on the trip itself.
    I am thinking that being able to add/move pages whenever and wherever I like will really help with this. I can carry just a few pages on our day trip to Loch Ness rather than the whole book. I can jot down notes on a napkin at a pub and add that right into the book.
    Who knows if I will actually do either of these things, but with this next trip I’ll have the option.

Current plan is to go shopping for papers/etc to include as a base for the Scotland travel journal…. I will be incorporating the (4×6) pages from the Elise-album I purchased in with the 5.5″x8.5″ book I plan on making.

We’ll see how it goes…. Any recommendations?!


prepped Alaska travel journal

As you read this … . we are currently on our Alaska cruise!

I ran around like crazy doing last minute preparations for the trip …. but the most important (of course) is packing my cameras and other memory-keeping paraphernalia… But I spent the most time on finding and prepping my travel journal.

If you read my guest post on Campfire Chic a few months ago …. You can see that I put more than just jotted-down thoughts in my travel journal.

I originally bought one of Elise’s mixed paper books. ….Which I love and had been looking for an excuse to buy.

But after seeing it in person, I realize it’s not going to work for what I want it to work for. (My fault, not hers.)

I briefly flirted with the idea of making my own …. which of course I could do and would be super fun ….But I just didn’t have the time. (Maybe for the Scotland trip)

So the next morning, I went a-hunting on etsy for a better option. Something bigger, mainly. I had in mind something at least 5×7, preferably closer to 5.5×8.5 (half of standard printer paper).

Andrew helped me pick it out – he INSISTS he’ll be helping journal, etc ….. I hope so.

We settled on this upcycled book from renovatedBooks. After looking at a bunch of different options, we settled on a ‘wild west’ themed vintage book, rebound with blank pages:


Because of the way this book is rebound, it falls nicely flat in many places…. Perfect for adding a little extra something with bulk in between the writing…

There are also a small handful of the book’s original pages scattered here and there throughout … Just a fun little surprise when you’re flipping through ….

I haven’t decided if I want to leave them alone, or use them as a base for adding photos or something else.

We shall see.

I just wanted to add a little (tiny) bit of extra to personalize this book a bit…

The front cover now has 3 colors of ribbon (slightly overlapping)…. I like that this adds texture AND color …. and will be a good base in case I decide to add ‘Alaska’ or some other kind of title to the front.

The beginning of the book has just a couple blank pages before the first original-pages group.

I created a ‘title’ page …. and I think I will also add some journaling about how we decided to take this trip and went about booking it.

A little pre-travel memory keeping

I also added in our flight info and itinerary info near the beginning of the book.

At the very (very) end, I wrote in our friends/family addresses for post card sending!

Always having them handy will really help us remember to buy/mail the postcards before the trip is over :)

I’ve been watching the video tutorials from Ali’s Scrapbook on the Road class and put together a little goodie bag for myself.

Scissors, adhesive, staples, paper clips pens and some little extras.

We’ll see how many of these things I actually use.

This trip I’ll have a lot more “free time” than when we went to Italy … .so I am hoping to do more than just jotting down notes.

And Andrew has promised he’ll do some as well …

There you have it …. my prepped travel journal for our Alaskan cruise (June 2011)….

I’ll show you more when I get back, of course :)