Peek at Consulting: Elise Gets Crafty podcast

Elise Gets Craft podcastIf you hadn’t heard, I was a guest on the Elise Gets Crafty podcast a couple weeks ago! Elise had made a remark in a blog post about how she wasn’t sure it was worth keeping her email list (of 3500+ subscribers!), and I left a comment that more or less said, “Girl. Let me help you.”

I am evangelical about email newsletters.

Everyone should have one.

I even tell my husband’s poor clients (bands and musicians) who barely even have a website and are trying to finish making their first record so they can get some live gigs.

“Yea, but do you have an email list?”

If you missed it, last year around this time I posted a short series of video chats with some coaching clients — You can watch them all here.

This podcast episode was almost the same kind of thing. Elise and I chatted about her specific audience, her specific business and I gave her specific ideas for how she could leverage her email marketing.

Listen to it here!


Reader Magnets: Build Your Audience Platform and Sell More Books on Kindle by Nick Stephenson — Geared toward fiction writers, but free to download and should give you great ideas about getting people on your newsletter and how to treat them once they are there.

People Want to Hear From You — How to get started with email marketing.

Email marketing resources — A big round-up from a couple years ago, but still so much good stuff.

P.S. Tons more email list resources in the BUILD ecourse!


Peek at consulting: Kristin

The last of the hour-long consulting videos (for now)! Today you get to spy on a full hour coaching call I had with one of the BUILDers  – Kristin from rukristin papercrafts. We had a lot of fun talking about how to expand her empire in 2014. Kristin is super smart!

A note re: this call – it was recorded on December 20, so before Kristin had settled on her One Little Word for 2014 and other details for this new year.

Take a look!

There are a few internet hiccups – some sound/visual hiccups and at one point the call was dropped altogether – but we still had a great call!

Here are the follow-up notes I sent to Kristin the following day:

Books we discussed:

Try submitting to:

reminder to update About page with new shop photo/info and email newsletter sign-up

Remember: Consulting packages are 50% off TODAY ONLY. Available dates are first-come-first-served and weekend options are limited.


peek at consulting: Allie | Alexandra Rae Design

Another long video for y’all! You get to spy on a full hour coaching call I had with one of the BUILDers  – Allie from Alexandra Rae Design.

One note about this call being different from Trina’s: This was actually a follow-up call and Allie and I have chatted a few times before. Which means that you’ll hear me talking A LOT less in this call than in Trina’s.

Allie has *just* changed her day job and we are both really excited for her 2014!! Check it out:

There are a couple instances when the visual and sound go out of sync, but it’s just little.

Any questions? Leave a comment below! (for me or Allie)

Be sure to check out Allie’s site Alexandra Rae Design

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Peek at consulting: Trina | Feed the Birdies

I have such a special treat for you all today – you get to spy on a full hour coaching call I had with one of the BUILDers Trina from Feed the Birdies!

This Skype call was super fun to do – I love Trina’s style and helping her fine tune it and focus her direction for the next year was really exciting. I love doing this kind of work!

Full disclosure: I haven’t rewatched this hour to make any kind of coherent show notes, but here is the follow-up I sent to Trina the following day:

To do:
— update your Etsy message so it doesn’t refer to Nov 1 as if it’s in the future
— create (and update) Pinterest board with examples of things made with your products

I’d love to see you blog only once a week, but make that one post AMAZING, and use the extra time to guest post for other blogs, use social media more, tweet and promote old blogs, keep your newsletter up to date, etc.

Story-telling examples and resources:
— blog example: Manhattan Nest
— book: Wired for Story (I’m about to start re-reading this myself)
— podcast examples: The Moth and This American Life

— I would love to see you submit a story to This American Life :)
— collaborating with another creative
— self-hosted online shop
— brick and mortar paper store

After our call Trina said:

Before I started Amy’s BUILD e-course, my blog was all over the place with a purpose in my head, but not a visible purpose that my readers could see because I didn’t have a focus.  And, before I spent an hour of personal consultation with her, I hadn’t even thought about someone from the outside looking in giving me sound advice that I could USE.  During my time with her, I learned some amazing ideas for promoting my blog, for targeting my customers with creative writing, and how I could fine tune what I had learned in the BUILD course and customize it to my blog.  I’ve increased my followers on all social media, doubled my views on my blog posts, and I’m super inspired to keep on going, even when the going gets tough.  Thank you, Amy!

Any questions? Leave a comment below! (for me or Trina)

Be sure to check out Trina’s blog Feed the Birdies (and see what she’s done in the couple weeks since we spoke) and her Etsy shop Nest924.

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New miniseries: Peek at Consulting (with BUILDers)

A few weeks ago I opened up a little invitation to be guinea pigs – to allow themselves to be coached by me and RECORDED so you all could learn too! Very brave and very vulnerable.

Trina of Feed the Birdies (and others) stepped up! Brave soul :)

Periodically through December, I’ll be posting these full hours of consulting for you all to get a peek on what it’s like to pick my brain! But in the meantime, here’s just a teeny tiny sneak peek of my chat with Trina. Make sure you check back next Wednesday for the full hour!

The consulting peeks will live at this link for the future.

I am currently booking coaching dates for January and February 2014.

Weekend availability is extremely limited so make sure you grab your spot soon.

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