El Fin: Autumn minibook part 5

Ok ok … I know we’ve already started Hannukah and we’re just a couple days from Christmas, but …

Here it is! The final update of our 2011 Autumn minibook!

This sucker is FAT – but at least I didn’t have to bump the rings to the 3″ size! I think that would have looked crazy compared to the size of the book pages …

This update is from about October 23 or so through the Sunday after Thanksgiving:

Reminders on the structure:

  • the cover is made from an extra record sleeve we had lying around
  • the pages are 6″x6″
  • the jump rings are (I think) 2″ in diameter
  • the bulk of the book is simply paper/photo/adhesive/pen – no fancy techniques, just recording the stories

I’ve officially put this little minibook up on our bookshelf with a couple other minibooks (including my 30 Days of Lists book and Alaska travel journal). I genuinely love it, and can’t wait to go back in a few years and look at the details of our fall 2011….

Did you do an autumn minibook? How did it turn out!?

┬áP.S. For those of you not up on your Spanish, the title of this post (El Fin) means “The End”

P.P.S. For more photos and details from all the stories recorded in this book, make sure you follow my more personal blog Those Crazy Schuberts


Autumn minibook part 4

This autumn minibook update is kind of a big one, so I’ve put the images in a gallery for your convenience …

As far as technique goes, I think it’s pretty clear that this is just paper and photos and handwriting. There’s not really any technique or anything special about these pages.

And that’s how I like it

I much prefer to be living these stories than spending time making a mess with embossing powder or cutting intricate shapes to layer decoratively. Not that there’s anything wrong with those things (so fun!), I just have to choose how to prioritize my time ….

Which may make these mini album updates a little anti-climactic?

I would like to point out a couple things:

#1: I’ve included ticket stubs and some other paraphernalia directly in the book. I’m not terribly worried about making these things acid-free (since I have the photos backed up elsewhere), so just keep that in mind if you are making a book for yourself

#2: Andrew has contributed several pages. He went on a work trip to NYC and journaled all about it for our minibook. One of the many things I love about him.

This fall season has been AMAZING for so many reasons! I’m so glad we are recording all the details in this minibook!

Let me know if you have any questions about what I’ve done here …. To see fuller versions of these stories included in the minibook, be sure to visit Those Crazy Schuberts!


Autumn minibook part 3.5

As I alluded to earlier … I forgot about some photos and moments I wanted to include in the Autumn 2011 Minibook, so I’ve gone back to add them in.

{Again, one of the best selling points for using book rings as binding!}

So for update 3.5 ….. I have included a little page (front and back) about the 10th anniversary of 9/11 … I found a couple graphics online along with a little bit of journaling….

the rest of the entries that I stuck in here and there are mostly iPhone photos that I belatedly got off of my phone…. Including this first apple cider of the season (Sept 18).

You can see that most of these entries are just the photo, with small hand-written captions adhered directly on to them, and holes punched to bind them in the book.

… and adhered to the back of the cider photo is this one of the corner of my street.

I carpool to the day job with a coworker, and I wait for him here….. Still pretty much looks like summer in this photo, huh?

Skip a few pages …. and here I’ve included an image (a week or so later) of waiting again for my ride on a rainy day … That tree across the street seems to have changed color just a tiny bit more.

and then behind that image, I’ve included some screenshots of my iPhone from October 5.

I found out Steve Jobs had died via Twitter, while I was at work via my iPhone, so I thought screenshots of that would be perfect for this album…..

I’ve also included a small page of journaling about that (you can read the story of how Steve Jobs brought down my company’s website here)

And just a couple more iPhone photos …. someone at work brought in Krispy Skremes – Halloween-themed Krispy Kremes …. Kinda fun :)

And then, behind that I’ve adhered this iPhone screenshot of the weather as of 10/9 …. As you can see it REFUSES to cool down to proper fall weather here in SoCal. Highly annoying.

I’ve tried to be sure to include dates on all of these pages, as the intent is to capture THIS autumn (2011) not just what we generally do for the fall season….

As I still have about 6 weeks more to include (October 10 – Thanksgiving) you’ll probably be seeing a few more updates!

Are you keeping a fall album of any kind?


Autumn minibook part 3

Another update in our little Autumn season minibook!

See part 1 and part 2 here

I realized once I got these pages done that there are still some parts I will need to go back and add …. so I may have an update 3.5 to show that….

But this is the basic update through about 10/13. I even had to change the rings to bigger ones because of the added pages :)

Again, as you can see, this is pretty much just paper/photo/journaling. Nothing fancy. Nothing time-consuming. Nothing elaborate.

The most time is really spent on taking/editing/printing the photos.

The first weekend in October was SUPER hot here …. this page on the left features an Instax mini image of me in a sun dress and some journaling … the opposite page features the books that I’ve read recently this season.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time watching/listening to this marketing resource (screenshot + journaling on the page on the left) … definitely enough to warrant its own page.

The page on the right (please excuse my super-primative hand-lettering) lists the scary movies we’ve been watching this month!

Another highlight of this season: The Wonder Years is now available on Netflix. Super excited to be able to start watching it :)

We’re also in the middle of watching Six Feet Under … (these are the kinds of little cultural history details that make scrapbooks fun).

Page on the right … fall leaves in a parking lot by my work. So weird that the weather is about 85 degrees but the leaves are already changed. I guess that’s what autumn in SoCal is like …

Image on the right and the next couple pages are of the weekend we changed our bed sheets over to winter sheets.*

I know that sounds weird, but we have a seasonal tradition to how we make up the bed … and the weekend of 10/8 was the switchover.

And because I couldn’t actually do laundry the weekend we changed over to winter sheets, we had to sleep in the living room …

But Andrew LOVES sleeping in the living room … we call it camping out :)

{In between when I finished these pages and today there’s more! Can’t wait to show you}

I am loving capturing the little details of our fall season (like changing to winter sheets)

*to be clear, we don’t ONLY change our sheets 2x/year.
But we only change to flannel sheets and this comforter for the winter.
That’s what makes it ‘winter sheets’

How’s your fall season going?


Autumn minibook part 2

Some of you know, I am emulating Elise and keeping a little mini scrapbook of our adventures this Autumn 2011.

I’ve just finished the first handful of pages…. Pretty much all just paper and pen. Photos and cardstock. I’m not one for lots of embellishment or spending a lot of time on something other than the story….

The opening page just has a bit letter S (for Schubert) and my 10 favorite things about the season….

Next, just a little introduction, and opposite a business card and a photo from when Andrew and I went to a fancy dinner together…. Sept 10. The weather had just barely started to cool, so I’m calling that the beginning of our fall season.

Next a little blurb (and some packing material) from the first of our Christmas gifts. I try to get all my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, so fall involves shopping for me…

Then a little blurb from a Sunday Andrew and I had off together that was cool enough to make us both want coffee in the afternoon. On the flip side of that white piece is a little Instax mini photo of our coffee pot.

Next is an insert of the 30 Rock cast photo, backed by yellow cardstock..

We watched all of seasons 1-4 of 30 Rock this month, and as Andrew has fallen in love with Liz Lemon, I think it’s a fun part of our story for this fall to include.

Next is 2 fall photos adhered back to back as their own page. Candy corn (pictured above) and supplies for homemade apple cider. Unfortunately, it has still been too hot in SoCal to justify MAKING the cider. But at least I have the supplies.

And finally, I printed out the banner I am using for Onward and Upward and paired it with some personal (and so blurred out here) journaling about running my first online workshop. O&U is a BIG part of my fall this year and it’s super exciting for me – of course I’m including it!

also, just purchased Fall in Love from Classes by Kara. Partly because I love Autumn. Partly because I love Kara. Partly because I need a kick in the pants. Looking forward to digging in!

Are you guys doing a fall minibook or anything similar?

I’d love to see links in the comments!


Autumn 2011 book

Over the weekend, I listened to the most recent episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast. I don’t generally listen to it – since I’m not currently scrapbooking all that often – but Allie (of Alexandra Rae Designs) was on this particular podcast, so OF COURSE I listened to it!

This *particular* episode also featured Elise Blaha, and was about making unique minibooks.

I’ve been loving following all of Elise’s minibooks, like her Palms Springs book and the seasonal minibooks she’s been offering in her etsy shop.

Since I haven’t really been scrapbooking in years – all my ‘gear’ is in storage and I don’t want to buy all new stuff – I’ve been trying to find little ways to do more scrapbook-like projects.

I think starting with an Elise-inspired seasonal mini scrapbook is the best place to start!


As was probably clear when I showed you my Scotland travel journal, I tend to just base my projects on what is easy, supplies I already have, and the path of least resistance.

I happen to have a big fat 12×12 pad of Fall-colored cardstock out of storage (I probably got it for Christmas one year recently). So, since I already have that paper, THAT is what dictated this minibook size.

I pulled out a few of the 12×12 sheets, added some 12×12″ kraft paper that I also had … and then quickly just cut these papers into 6×6″ pages.

I used jump rings to bind the pages – again so I can change the order of pages if I need to – and then …. to find the cover.

This book cover is actually a record sleeve.

I originally just thought a record sleeve would be a good weight and I could decorate/recover it to look however I wanted.

My husband ordered Bonnie Prince Billy’s The Mindeater (whenever it came out), and for whatever reason was also sent an extra, empty record sleeve. Seriously no idea why.

And it turns out this record art is (not only rare, but) kind of amazing and I obviously couldn’t recover this bizarre illustration.

So I measured out a 6×6″ book cover – with some blank space to one side of the illustration – from the front and the back of the record sleeve.

I kind of LOVE it!

I mixed some white and bronze paint to hand-letter the book cover (like I did on the Scotland travel journal). I’m not super great at painting letters … but that could be because I have cheap brushes. Or it could be because I’m not patient enough. Who knows. It looks good enough for me, though.

The weather is only BARELY beginning to cool down here in SoCal, so really haven’t started documenting *just* yet … but I did make a first page in the minibook.

As you can see in the gallery above, the first page has a big S (for Schubert), created with the same bronze/white paint mix and a foam stamp. The first page also features a (blank for now) top 10 list, mounted on some brown grosgrain ribbon strips.

Easy. Basic. All supplies I already have in the house.

I’m really looking forward to whatever we may do this autumn to help fill the book!

And if I can, I’ll even get Andrew to journal in it – or at the very least get some of his iPhone photos to add!

Do you do seasonal minibooks?