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 2013 changed my whole life. I chose BRAVE as my One Little Word and I love it.

It’s when I finally decided to stop playing it safe and responsible and finally started making some BRAVE choices. And I have literally never been happier!

be brave

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I love this ecourse. It’s completely close to my heart. It goes really well with Onward and Upward or the BUILD ecourse, guiding you to do the big work that help you build something amazing. Choosing to be BRAVE time and time again, through all the small choices and the big leaps, has really changed my outlook and shifted my mindset.

But sometimes a little guidance and structure on how to exactly go about starting that is needed.

 I want to help you make more BRAVE choices, take control of your story and change your life.

We’ll start with an INTRO and my story and how my life has been changed since I started focusing on being BRAVE. I may or may not get a little choked up talking about it.

Then we will move to FEAR. Learning to acknowledge and identify it. So then we can ignore it. Fear is a formidable enemy.

The biggest module is ACT. We’ll be reminded why we want to be brave and what the very first step is to start making those brave choices.

And finally a reminder that your BRAVE stories should be recorded, with a few ideas for how to do it.

Each module is a video presentation, with several worksheets thrown in, along with a ton of external resources to expand your new BRAVE mentality. And finally we will all share in a private Facebook as a place to be vulnerable, ask for accountability and share our BRAVE moves.

I hope you will join me!

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