GIVEAWAY: 30 Days of Lists archive bundle!

30ListsheaderNeed to spice up your personal journaling? Need some ideas for what parts of your story are worth recording?

We’d love for you to take part in a self-paced round of 30 Days of Lists. Another quick journaling challenge. Another opportunity to record YOUR STORY.

Not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night.

30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day- even something as small as a list.

March 2011 is still available for free here.

There’s no wrong way to make a list – so even if you missed participating with the community the first time around, you can still grab the list prompts now and make your lists anyway you want!

ENTER BELOW to win the current 30 Days of Lists self-paced bundle (Septmber 2011 through September 2014)!

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(I still love this weekly post. This is number #232 in the series!)


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Giveaway: January Reset digital kit

reset digital kit

GAH, you guys! I hope you can tell how excited I am about this new January RESET project!

I hope you are joining me, and I doubly hope you are investing in the digital kit to give yourself a little break on having to create everything from scratch.

Be sure to grab it soon — it’s on sale for a couple days!

or you can enter below to win one!

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Digital Memory Keeping resources

I’ve been thinking about learning more about digital memory keeping resources for … um. Years? It was one of my goals 2 years ago for sure. I’m doing better, but since Allie and I started talking about creating the RESET kit, I knew I needed to dig deeper and PRACTICE this more.

These are some videos and resources I’ve been looking over recently … DEFINITELY link up your favorite digital scrapbooking resources too please!!

I think a goal this year is to feel comfortable enough with digital scrapbooking to apply for Ali Edwards’ creative team. Not get selected. Just apply. Baby steps. PRACTICE.

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Giveaway: Pocket Your Year (from The Nerd Nest)


Pocket Your Year from Megan at The Nerd Nest is a year long e-course that will keep you motivated with your pocket scrapbooking all year long!

You’ve already heard Megan’s top five reasons you should pocket scrapbook in 2015. Now you can pocket your year with her from January 2015 to December 2015.

Pocket scrapbooking is a simple documentation solution, but a year long project of memory keeping can be overwhelming. There are many places to get held up in the process.

Throughout the year, Megan will be sharing multiple solutions to common trouble spots so you can decide what’s best for you. You’ll work on improving photography, journaling, process, and design.

All pocket scrapbookers are welcome: whether you use your stash, stick with a simple Project Life system, use a small format, or go digi, there will be something for you!

Learn more about what Pocket Your Year includes here.

Still on the fence? Check out the free-for-everyone pre-class content for a sample of what the course will include and join the Pocket Your Year Facebook Group, which also open to all!

Want a seat in the class? Enter to win a spot in the course using the widget below! Don’t worry if you’ve already signed up or if you want to sign up now; you can enter to win a refund!

Lemon and Raspberry readers can receive $5.00 off of the already discounted early-bird price with the coupon code LEMONANDRASPBERRY.

Coupon expires January 31, 2015.

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4 Reasons to try digital scrapbooking

This is a guest post from Allie of Alexandra Rae Design, co-creator of the RESET digital kit.


Hi L&R friends! Allie of Alexandra Rae Design here! With the release of the Reset kit from Amy and myself, many of you may be wondering about this “digital scrapbooking” concept… or taking it even a step further and asking how we can possibly do digital art journaling, or why you might want to trade in your paper, glue, and paints in for digital supplies!

You may be asking, “Why should I try digital scrapbooking and art journaling?”

I’m a big fan of digital scrapbooking, obviously. But why do I try to convince others to “convert” to learning digital scrapbooking?

My top 4 reasons I think you should digi scrap and art journal:

  • You learn valuable skills. I knew how to use Photoshop before I *really* started digital scrapbooking, but playing around and attempting to get the results I wanted on my pages allowed me to explore Photoshop in ways I never would have learned in typical college classes. I truly believe that any computer program you learn will be valuable to you in the future– even if you just build upon the knowledge later. You learn new programs, you learn more about your computer– you become a lot more familiar with technology, and with the way the world is going very, very tech heavy, no digital skills will go to waste!
  • It’s super easy to clean up! I don’t know about you, but when I create with paper, paints, and glue, I get EVERYTHING out, and I make a HUGE mess. Which usually takes FOREVER for me to clean up. With digital, it’s just “File, Save” and turn off my computer. Easy. Peasy.
  • It’s super portable. I’ve witnessed other paper scrappers unload entire mini-vans worth of supplies when they go to group crops. That’s a little crazy to think about. When I want to scrapbook on the go, I just bring my computer. Easy.
  • It’s affordable. I’ll be the first to admit, I go too crazy buying digital kits (“It’s less than $5!) but overall, it’s less expensive than paper scrapbooking– all the “tools” you need are on your computer! No buying 4 different die cut machines or 8 bottles of glue and mists– and you don’t have to print the pictures! And, best of all….
  • You can reuse the supplies! Unlike paper scrapbooking and physical art journaling, you can use the same piece of paper AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!

So, what do you need to get started digital scrapbooking and art journaling?

Most importantly, you need a computer. (I use a Macbook Pro and an iMac, because I’m an Apple girl, but any computer will work!). I also recommend digital editing software– especially ones that let you use .pngs. Personally, I think the best programs are Photoshop CS or Photoshop Elements. I use the full Creative Suite ($$!) but you can do everything you need to do with Photoshop Elements. There’s a little bit of a learning curve with these programs, but once you get the basics down, they are such fun and versatile programs!

On top of the software and “hardware” that you’ll need, you’ll want some digital photos and digital “elements” to make your pages gorgeous!

Some of my favorite resources for digital art journaling supplies are:

Are you ready to get started with digital scrapbooking and digital art journaling? Have more questions? Be sure to check out my (long!) post on Getting Started Digital Scrapbooking!
Allie Trumpower of Alexandra Rae Design is a crafty designer, a photographer, and is marketing obsessed. She loves great design, memory keeping, pinterest, twitter, and instagram – and loves meeting new people via social media! She is on the creative teams for One Little Bird Designs and Simple Scrapper and loves the excuse to create! Follow along with her creative projects and everyday life & sarcasm on twitter and instgram at @abandy.

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Current favorite: Thursday3

One of my favorite regular memory keeping projects in the last year was Thursday3 — a weekly documenting challenge from Kristin of rukristin papercrafts.

From Kristin’s Instagram: “Join me for #Thursday3! my weekly selfie photo challenge — snap a picture, caption it with 3 right-now about you facts, and tag a few friends to play along.” And be sure to tag @rukristin if you play along!

I have been lazy and distracted about documenting in 2014. I have photos from back in January 2014 that I haven’t even looked at, let alone edited. I didn’t do anything for Project Life. I successfully finished a small Week in the Life album, but probably only because I bought the kit (let’s be honest) …

And yet, in spite of all this, every Thursday Kristin or another of my friends would tag me for #Thursday3 and I would be reminded to take a selfie and jot down a couple quick notes.

I literally forgot every single Thursday until someone tagged me. I forget to tag other people. I *almost* forget to use the hashtag #thursday3.

And that’s one of the many reasons I love social media. Friends, and gentle accountability and creative challenges. Miraculous. Because of this weekly project I have a small collection of documented stories from throughout the year that I definitely would not have had without the challenge.

I post these on Instagram (on Thursdays, surprise surprise) if you’d like to follow me there! Here are a few …


And — you know what? — today is Thursday as well!

This image just went up on Instagram, but here it is too …


  1. I have had these socks since high school. True story. At least … 15 years. I have no idea how they have lasted so long without being lost or destroyed.
  2. I want to take 10,000 steps each day this year. Part of my #olw #practice2015. My pedometer counts jumps on my trampoline, so I don’t have to leave the house (hopefully)
  3. As of right now I still have a couple posts to write for my blog party (to be published tonight), but once I’m done I’m going to read Harry Potter and eat enchiladas the rest of the day.

What is your favorite creative challenge?


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This is a guest post from Megan of The Nerd Nest

Get Creative | The Nerd Nest 3

Over the past few years, I’ve been OBSESSED with pocket scrapbooking. (You may have also heard to it referred to by the brand name Project Life.)

Pocket scrapbooking is a form of memory keeping that involves sliding photos, journaling cards, and (optionally) cute products into plastic pocketed page protectors. It has become my primary form of documenting my life and is my very favorite for so many reasons. I thought I’d share a few of the main reasons I love pocket scrapbooking with you and invite you to try out documenting your year in pockets too!

Here are my top 5 reasons you should document 2015 with pocket scrapbooking:

Project Life 2014 | September 7-13 | The Nerd Nest 7

1. Memory is fragile.

When I try to think back on years past, I can barely remember even just a few details about any given year. But when I’m memory keeping with pocket scrapbooking, I’m consistently recording details of my everyday life. I love that, when I’m older and my memory is even less reliable, I’ll be able to look back at the life I’ve lived. I think there’s something magical about that.

Pocket Your Year - Test Run

2. It is so very easy.

Pocket scrapbooking can be very simple or very elaborate, if you’re a person who loves to get fancy with embellishments or mixed media. You can make it your own. But at its core, it’s easy: put photos into pockets, pick cards to write on / fill space, add journaling. And that means it is FAST. I can get 10 things recorded in the time it takes me to record 1 thing with traditional scrapbooking. And that means I don’t have to play favorites with memories: I have time to record everything I want to remember.


3. You capture the small things.

This is especially true for me because I use photo collages, but you can squeeze A LOT of photos and words into a 12×12 spread. I love that pocketing my photos allows me to document little bitty moments in my life without feeling silly. I might feel weird about making 12 full pages about latte art (though there’s nothing wrong with doing just that, of course). But by slipping a little photo into a pocket every few weeks, I’m celebrating one of the small things that make me happy.

Pocket scrapbooking also gives you a big picture as a whole: having those coffee photos every few weeks documents how big a part of my life coffee is over time with the frequency it shows up.

Because I don’t feel like I’m should just capturing things that are big and important, I document more of the little bits that make up my life, and this gives a much better picture of what my life is “really” like. The small things are a big deal.


4. There’s something for everyone.

I go a little overboard with documenting (I include weekly spreads, extra thematic spreads in-between monthly breaks, and traditional pages just for fun). Because of my pocket scrapbooker overachiever status, I end up with 4 albums per year, but the same amount of documenting for me would take up 40 albums with traditional scrapbooking (no joke). I’d be able to fit more into fewer albums if I was willing to part with chunky embellishments (I’m not).

But there are so many other approaches. You can just stick with basic supplies and add only the photos and the cards: you don’t need to be “creative” or a “scrapbooker” to capture your life in this way! If 12×12 spreads seem overwhelming, there are smaller sizes you can work with like 6×8, 8.5×11, and 9×12. (I use the 6×8 size to document vacations.) You can go the digital pocket scrapbooking route and have your pages printed in a digital photo book–thousands of memories in an inch of spine space. You even can use the Project Life app on your phone and create pages in the palm of your hand.

With so many formats to choose and so many styles to pick from, there’s really a format of pocket scrapbooking that will work for everyone.

Maker Faire 2014 - Project Life 2

5. Documenting becomes part of your routine.

The most important part of pocket scrapbooking for me? How much it has influenced me to document over the past three years. I’ve taken so many more photos, written so many more stories, and captured it all in these awesome albums. Knowing I’m going to be doing something with those captured memories influences me to look at my life in a new way.

Before, my everyday life seemed boring, now I look back on all of these little moments that were special to me and am just so very grateful to have lived them. There’s no better reason than that.

Thanks so much Amy for inviting me to share my love of pocket scrapbooking today!


Want to pocket scrapbook this year with me? Join Pocket Your Year, a year long pocket scrapbooking course that will help you improve photography, journaling, process, and design January through December!

Lemon and Raspberry readers can receive $5.00 off of the already discounted early-bird price with the coupon code LEMONANDRASPBERRY.

Coupon expires January 31, 2015.

Megan is a crafty nerd from The Nerd Nest. She spends her time filling up Project Life albums, reading big stacks of books, going on nerdy adventures with her family, and making stuff. Follow her on Instagram for daily memory keeping tips!

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Giveaway: Big Things Happen pdf printable (from Elise Joy)


I am SO excited to offer Elise Blaha Cripe’s Big Things Happen printable to one of you lucky people.

The short version is: This giveaway is for the printable pdf file, enter below.

The long version is: I’m using this myself this year (goes perfectly with my One Little W0rd), and as soon as I downloaded it and printed myself a copy, I decided I wanted to give one away to you lovelies. So I emailed Elise to ask what she would prefer (should I buy another and just forward the email, or did she want to invoice me separately). And she responded that she’d like to sponsor the giveaway. Because she’s RAD. Obviously.

So I am so proud to giveaway a pdf printable today!

From Elise’s product description:

A few years ago, I had a similar calendar to this one where each day of the year was numbered and the idea was each day that you did something (I chose exercise) you got to check off the day. The goal was to “fill it in.” But the lesson I learned was to “keep going.” Who cared if I missed a day, or even a week? When stepped back a bit and could see the whole year in front of me and how far I had already come, any day checked off looked like progress. I just wanted to fill in what I could, celebrate what had been done and keep looking forward.

I really wanted “goal-setting” to be a part of MAKE29 somehow because it’s such a huge part of what I do, both in real life and online. I am so happy with this edition and what it will hopefully represent for you.

Also, obviously, think about just grabbing your own copy here. I am *definitely* using mine for at least 2 habits in 2015. And I am considering starting a 3rd/4th/more habits part-way through the year.

It’s a printable so you can start right away!

(lord above I love January 1 and new starts)

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New Project: January Reset

It’s here. January 1. My new favorite project.

I am so excited to invite you to reflect along with me throughout the month of January….

January Reset

January is a time for fresh starts, new eyes, recalibration.

Join me each January for a RESET project.

Throughout the month I will post different journaling prompts and topics to help you review the year behind and RESET for the year ahead.

I will be using the brand new RESET digital kit designed by Alexandra Rae Design (with some input from me). It includes lovely word art, prompts and elements, as well as pre-made quick pages to get you started right away.

This kit can be used any time, but throughout January, Allie and I will be leading the way through reflecting on the past year and resetting for the year ahead using this kit as a base.

(the kit is on sale right now and kind of a crazy steal, so if you are at all considering this project I would grab it)

reset digital kit

January Reset

(above are some journaling cards I created with the elements of the kit)

Each Monday in January here at Lemon and Raspberry, I will post about how I am using the kit to journal about the following topics.

Week 1: Reflection (January 5)

Week 2: Right Now (January 12)

Week 3: Goals (January 19)

Week 4: Action Steps (January 26)

Throughout the month, my primary goal is to encourage journaling and reflection. I mean, this kit and playing with paper and stamps are fun and lovely, but I believe it is our words and individual stories that really give these projects their worth.

We’ll go over what is working and what is not, give you reminders to just start and mini-celebrations when you’ve finished. We’ll reiterate goals and give you the easy check-off pages to establish those new habits.

To start us off, a quick look at my ‘title’ and first couple pages. The very beginning.

I’m still waiting for an order of photo prints to arrive, but the empty pocket on this first page will be this self-portrait from September 2014 (from an event I was super scared to go to and so glad I did. Totally changed my life. I love the way that event/weekend made me feel and – bonus – I’m wearing a blue/teal color in the photo).

The RESET card is included in the kit, and the FRESH START card I made using Ali Edwards Story Stamp kit.

I’m a big fan of the white space. Very clean, new, blank slate. We chose blue/teal as the main color for the digital kit because it can feel both invigoratingly wintery (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) but also cooling summer (for those in the Southern Hemisphere).

December  013

The first opening spread …

The PRACTICE journaling card I made (simply matched the color to the kit and used a similar-ish typewriter font) with a quick jotting of what my One Little Word means to me. The floral journaling card I made with an element from the kit.

The blank 4×6 space will be a photo of my husband and me from last night (New Year’s Eve).

A quick note — one of the reasons I am so excited about this project is because my husband and I had a rough 2014. Both of us are working really really hard at our respective careers, both of us making giant sacrifices for the future, both of us insanely proud of what the other is doing. But that means that our just-hanging-out-being-together time was cut to …. honestly, less than the bare minimum. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you a couple could spend that little time together and still be happy.

Anyway, the point is that this project is in part about Team Schubert. You may choose to have the project all be YOURS. Let it be your quiet in the storm of having 4 kids. Or let it be a project with you and your senior in high school daughter who is facing big life decisions this year. Or let it be about your business and partnership with your best friend. Whatever YOU need right now, this project can work for.

Mine is for Team Schubert.

Which brings me to the first Quick Page (from the kit) I used….

(the Quick Pages are 8.5×5.5. Half of a regular letter sheet of paper. So they should both be easy to print AND fit into your 6×8 album (or larger) and probably your planner too)

December  014

As you can no doubt see, it is almost empty. That is only for the photo. I actually did the journaling on the next page first (photo below) and realized I wanted to blur out 2/3rds of the words before posting a photo. So for this ‘This is my WHY’ page, I just took the photo first.

You will likely see a lot of that kind of thing in my pages throughout January. This is a very personal, and at times private project. Yes, I would love you all to join me throughout the month, but this album is my own little space and I will be writing things that are just for me (and Andrew).

In designing the kit, Allie and I didn’t really specify which pages or elements go where. There’s no rules for how to use this kit, and if you want to save this quick page for next October or not use it at all, that works well too.

But I love it for an opening statement.

The backside of the quick page I adhereed white cardstock (so that page is nice and sturdy) and used one of the label prompts across the top.

The second week of January will explore the NOW feelings, positioning, etc in more detail, so this list is more of a beginning list. More of where I’m starting from before doing the project. It includes feelings about 2014 and desires for 2015 among other things.

December  015

I’ll have more pages to share with you Monday! All these posts will be tagged here, too. And most of the content reposted and reshuffled here throughout the year.

Supplies so far:

Let me clarify, that the digital kit is in no way required to join in the project. As you can see I created some journaling cards on my own (the practice card, for example, didn’t use any kit elements). I would still love if you joined me in journaling and reflecting each week throughout January when you do it all your own way.

That said …. This is the kind of digital kit that you can use all year – not just for a holiday. You’ll find 3-month, 6-month and 9-month check-in pages to encourage you to move forward all year. You’ll find journaling prompts that remind you why you are doing this and what you don’t want to do in the future.

The quick pages will get you started right away. No excuses. 

This kit pairs perfectly with a small 6×8” scrapbooking album, or even your favorite planner. You’ll be inspired to be ambitious and to let go of the old, when you dive into the RESET project.

I want to make this project an annual one, and I’m very proud of how this kit will help.

My intention is to do this project every year. I think it is the perfect companion to choosing a One Little Word, mantra or 1 big goal, especially for those of us who have a tendency to maybe think too much about mistakes and should-haves in the past.

I seriously love this and I can’t wait to see what you all do with it.

Happy January! Will you be joining Allie and me in the RESET project?

P.S. #JanuaryReset


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