One Little Word 2017: SHINE

I’m ready. I am READY for 2017. This last weekend I spent a lot of time reflecting on the last year, reflecting on where I am in my life and what I want to do going forward.

I am doing something different this year. Or, rather, I am NOT doing something.

I’ve decided that I am NOT setting specific goals for 2017. I have set big concrete goals every year for the last half-dozen at least. I’ve even helped create a goal-setting memory keeping project.

But I’m not feeling that this year. I have a couple ideas of why, but I have no regrets or hesitations about that. I sent an email to my list a few weeks ago about how I still feel like I’m a transition chapter of my life. I know the direction I’m going but I still need more of a foundation for this new life. This next year is going to be more about being ME and owning more of who I am and not holding back.

shineSo I chose my One Little Word with that intention in mind. …. SHINE

I love this annual practice … I love having a theme and a focus for the year. A filter through which I make choices. I love having Ali’s guidance throughout the year and creative projects to help bring the word more into my life.

I am looking forward to my year to SHINE.

I wish I could remember how the word found me … all I know is I’ve been thinking about this word since, like, August? Several months.

Sometime in 2016, I realized that enthusiasm is my superpower. Being a cheerleader is a gift that I bring to the world. Those Five Love Languages that Gary Chapman talks about? I can provide words of affirmation all day every day.

That’s about when I started my SHINE pinterest board (this one is my favorite, I think. Language warning). That’s about when I got my SHINE journal.

For me, this year to SHINE means a few different things …

I want to figure out what I am really good at and what I can offer the world.

I want to be unapologetically enthusiastic. I want to love without reserve.

I want to reflect back to the people in my life their own value and worth. I’m a cheerleader and an encourager and I can’t help it. Might as well own it.

I want to be a beacon for what is possible. I want to give hope to people who may be going through the same thing I have, or are struggling with the same things I did.

I don’t know yet exactly what this will all look like. What ACTIONS I need to take. … but it’s a mindset that I intend to hold on to all year.

I am very much looking forward to 2017. I haven’t the slightest idea what my life will look like at the end of it … that’s part of what this word is for. To help me make sure I’m staying on course, even without specific goals.

What is your One Little Word? Any BIG plans for 2017??







30Lists returns for March!

Join us in March for another round of 30 Days of Lists. Another quick journaling challenge. Another opportunity to record YOUR STORY.

Not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night. 30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day — even something as small as a list.

Every day through the month of March 2015 we will be posting a list prompt – anything from weekend goals to celebrity crushes. At the end of the 30 days you’ll have a collection of entries creating a small snapshot of your life right now.


Only 5-10 minutes per day are really needed. While you’re waiting for someone, or when you’re the passenger in the car. You can even download the list topics ahead of time to get a jump start!

That’s all.

Just write.

There’s no wrong way to do this and if you don’t like a prompt on a certain day, just change it.

Once you register you will receive an automatically downloadable file giving you access to the exclusive private blog for March 2015.

Upon registering for March’s Listing challenge, you’ll have immediate access to:

  • private blog where all the list prompts will be found
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  • exclusive LIST printable download from rukristin papercrafts
  • exclusive printable download from Marmalade Mementos with .pngs and pre-designed journaling cards with all of March’s list topicsspace


Throughout February, we’ll introduce:

  • tutorial on adding images to the Flickr group
  • tutorial on using the #30Lists hashtag for Instagram
  • introductions to our ambassadors and sponsors
  • Kam and Amy’s individual 30Lists books
  • exclusive discounts from the team

Starting March 1st:

  • 1 new list topic will be posted each morning
  • list topics hosted by our ambassadors and sponsors
  • additional giveaways and tutorials from the team


Start stocking up on your sticky-notes, ordering notebooks from your favorite online sellers, or creating a journal of your own to house your lists, March 1st will be here before we know it.

The daily list prompts won’t start until March 1st, but you can trust us when we say that it’s an excellent idea to keep an eye on your email regularly between now and then for updates!

Also, it isn’t too early to get to know your fellow Listers!

Speaking of the list prompts, they will be posted on a daily basis shortly after 2:00 a.m. Pacific time. If you would rather have all of the lists at once, look for that link in the Printables section of the private blog.


August is for …

  • Marathoning The Killing season 4 today!
  • Registration for 30 Days of Lists opens (!!)
  • Practice my digital scrapbooking as I use Allie’s kit
  • Building a niche site live online
  • Work on more travel albums for content for that site
  • Surprise day trip for Andrew (Lord knows when, though. We keep having to put it off)
  • 2+ day live virtual retreat for BUILDers
  • Finish the first draft of the novel I’m currently working on (Aug 17 is the goal, which gives it 6 weeks total)
  • Brainstorm the next novel to start (planning on starting editing of all these drafts in October or November)
  • Help Maggie start planning for our busy holiday season
  • Help Andrew build out his new studio space (can’t wait to tell you about it!)
  • Finish putting the final touches on my author site (and launch it)
  • repaint a bookshelf
  • teach myself how to use Andrew’s new grill

P.S. I’ll be working on all this, but really all I ever want to do is read


Resources for better ‘about’ pages

Yep. We talked about it last week – that you need to pay attention to you’re bio – and we’re talking about it again. No excuses. Go through these tips and create yourself a killer, effective About page!

For more, be sure you check out Kam’s ebook and workbook About You.


Listing has started – have you?


30 Days of Lists - Lemon and Raspberry

The 3rd list prompt went up this morning and we’re getting new Listers joining all the time.

I hope you’re one of them!


productivity resources

As we end our little productivity workshop … Here are another HUGE chunk of resources for you to go through when you have a chance …

And be sure to leave your favorite productivity tips in the comments!


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Weekend project: READ an ebook

weekend project

I have a folder on my desktop labeled ‘ebooks’

As in ‘ebooks-I-have-paid-for-and-downloaded-and-still-not-read’. There are currently 56 files in there.

Which doesn’t even include all of the self-paced ecourses whose material is housed online and not yet downloaded/backed up to my computer. Or any of the ebooks that may be hiding in other folders elsewhere on my computer.


All of these are marketing resources or blogging resources or lifestyle resources or productivity resources or creativity resources or or or ….

All perfectly solid resources that I’m sure I will learn something from. All far more valuable to my daily life than the American History I’ve been reading instead.


My Weekend Project is to READ one of those ebooks

I have quite a few to choose from….

I would recommend these if you haven’t read them:

I haven’t totally decided which ebook I’ll be reading this weekend, but I’m leaning toward:

  • Your Big Beautiful Book Plan – I’ve skimmed through this once, and even paid $$ to have it physically printed for me, but this is the kind of resource that deserves close attention, a notepad close by and focused reading*
  • Storyology – technically an ecourse online, but still. It’s not like me to leave something from Ali Edwards unread
  • Blogwise – blogging productivity. Hoping there are some tricks in there for me since I’m planning on expanding my blogging efforts*

 What will you be doing this weekend?

Full disclosure: A good chunk of those ebooks were free-if-you-give-your-email-address.
Which is still payment, if not monetary.

*affiliate link


2nd Annual Blog Party – January 1st

Save the date :)

I’m super excited to announce I will be hosting the 2nd annual L&R blog party!

January 1 is absolutely the best day to sit at home, relax and enjoy yourself online…..

Plus it’s a Sunday….

perfect storm of awesomeness for a blog party ….

I hope you’ll come! All day Sunday Jan 1!

Planning a giveaway or 2 and a DIY project or 2. Planning some pretties and some other fun stuff!

Pretty excited!

(sidenote: I’m open to guest posts, guest giveaways, etc if you’d like to take part)

Looking forward to it :)

P.S. Twitter hashtag #LRparty2012


Blog Party Follow Up

First of all …..

Thank you.

I think my traffic for Saturday jumped more than FIVE times!!! FIVE! With another HUGE bump on Sunday!

Crazy. crazy crazy crazy ….

Here’s what I learned from doing my first blog party:

  • get others involved – having giveaways and guest posts from other bloggers both helped promote the blog party AND got some of the pressure off me by not having to write 24 blog posts myself
  • get as much done ahead of time as possible – I had really good intentions, but by nature I am a a procrastinator. As much as I try. I was up til 3a on Friday morning, and then worked ALL day Saturday writing blog posts (in between are already scheduled plans)
  • have images/banners/visuals that other bloggers can easily “borrow” to help promote your blog party … even set up a blog party hashtag so you can track what people are saying about your blog party on twitter

You can find all of the BLOG PARTY posts linked here (giveaways are now closed)

I also wanted to answer some questions and point out some things…..

SEVERAL readers offered more ideas for uses for the chalkboard tags

Several readers offered (much better ideas than mine) ways to make the fill-in-the-blank wall art easier to make

interest in reading my thesis? really? haha! 60 pages of Harry Potter academia :)

Diane commented re: One Little Word – I LOVE her take on it …. what fun to kind of leave it to chance (destiny?)

A couple cute readers are art teachers – just like Nicole! Awesome blog community :)

Love love

Seriously. I love the blogging community …..

You guys are awesome. AWESOME.

I’ll be announcing the winners of the giveaways tomorrow (Tuesday)….. PLEASE email me or leave a comment with a link if you try any of the DIY projects!


Welcome to the 2011 L and R Blog Party!

Happy New Year!

No, for real. HAPPY new year!

2011 is on its way!!!

I am so excited to do this for all y’all – 24 hours of blog posts starting NOW!

9 giveaways, 5 DIY projects, a guest post and some others….. and I’ll try to archive/link to the individual posts as they go up!

Are you excited?

I am :)

This post will stay at the top for the day if you have any questions ….

I would love (love) if you blogged or tweeted about today’s blog party (please use #LRParty for a hashtag)

Giveaway Guidelines:

ALL the giveaways will be open until MIDNIGHT (Pacific Time) on 1/2/11 (Sunday night).
Any comment made on the giveaway post will be eligible for that giveaway
(and comments you make on other posts are just nice for me :)  )
Winners will be chosen and announced Monday or Tuesday

Let me know if you have any questions and – of course – have FUN!


  1. Better Blog Content Workbook
  2. 4 seasons photo prints
  3. Mix CDs curated by Andrew Schubert
  4. Tasteful Tatters
  5. Peridot
  6. Smart Marketing eBook
  7. Chalkboard tags
  8. The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau
  9. Blog Facelift

DIY Projects:

  1. 3-ring binder
  2. Fill-in-the-blank wall art
  3. Potato Stamp
  4. Turn a photo into a stencil
  5. Instax mini scrapbook

Guest Post:

  1. Why you need a blog for your photography business by Shannon (of Fox and Owl Studi0)

From Amy:

  1. 2010 in review
  2. January is for ….
  3. New favorite (free) fonts
  4. One Little Word 2011
  5. Announcing: Tell Its Story
  6. Just for fun – 2010 on Lemon and Raspberry
  7. Goals and Intentions for 2011


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