Around here in the last week:

… Focused a TON on the new 30 Days of Lists challenge!

… Began the 1st draft of another novel. I would *love* to be able to average ~2000 words per day and finish the first draft by mid-August. We’ll see.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 7.54.09 AM

… Marathoning Friends episodes while I work on Blurb books.

… Harvested our first red bell peppers from our garden. SO delicious!

bell peppers

… Andrew’s boss went out of town for about 5 weeks, so he is mostly off work (from his day job) and booked a bunch of freelance projects!

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In the last week around here …

… my strawberry plant is not doing very well. I moved it so it gets less sun. We’ll see.

… I spent $5 on the recent This American Life live show. I love Lin-Manuel Miranda with all my heart, so have been very excited about this!

… I photographed a last-minute wedding on Saturday. Harassed by a groomsman and spent Sunday *exhausted*. Not sure I ever want to shoot a wedding again.

… Found out we might actually get to go on a mini vacation this summer. Not 100% sure on details yet, but I’m excited!

Maggie placed a large ad this week, so I’m expecting to be busier in the next few days!

… I’m joining Kristin’s book club! I love reading.

… Andrew is having a rough week. Not limited to a homeless drug addict attacking his employees.







Around here in the last week…

We tried a new restaurant – the (mostly) vegan Mohawk Bend. Good food, good drinks, stylish atmosphere. I liked it.

mohawk bend

We (finally) fixed our downstairs shower. We have never needed to use it before, but my grandmother will be visiting us in a couple months and she will not want to climb the stairs every day.

new shower

I spent some time scrubbing a couple oil stains on our driveway. Because the HOA made me. Even though we’re in a drought. Smart. (For your reference, I tried cat litter, Coke and Simple Green and the last one worked the best). I took my laptop outside with me so I could listen to podcasts while I sat and scrubbed.

oil stain

My bell peppers are turning red! SO EXCITED! Favorite food!

red bell pepper

And we finally (finally) got our washer and dryer. The first w&d I’ve ever had since moving out of my parents’ house 12 years ago. I basically spent 3 full days doing all the laundry that has piled up over the last couple months. 9,000 blankets. There are still several things I want to do in the garage.


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Around here in the last week …

… We got a guest room bed! That room had been empty, but we have friends who upgraded to a queen-size and gifted us this bed! Almost like real grown-ups now.

guest room

… My roma tomatoes are turning red. Still not huge, still not many, but at least they’re still alive. That was my #1 goal this summer: Keep plants alive.


Brews Willis was at our house and in the studio all weekend! I spent Friday with them (and Andrew) down at Cali Mucho in San Pedro. I think they enjoyed being in CA for 4+ days (from Toronto).


… Our nephew turned 2 and had a construction-themed party.

Joey bday

… I spent most of Memorial Day watching Band of Brothers. LOVE that miniseries.

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Around here in the last week … We’ve been BUSY!

… I held my second live Pillar Content Webinar. This is my set up and where I usually work from in the summer when it’s too hot in my office …


… Andrew has been able to hire a couple people at work so now he’s only working 12 hour days instead of 18. BUT that also means that every so often he is able to come home at a normal-ish hour. One night we even got to go on a date! 8:30pm ramen date at a new restaurant near us. Fun fun!


… Because Andrew works so much, he often spends the night at the audio studio he works at. OFTEN. One night last week, I came down and slept there too so we could pick up my car from the mechanic the next morning. This is the ‘live room’ that rarely gets used for recording, since it’s a mixing studio.

studio bed

… Andrew has made a couple new audio engineer friends who don’t have a kitchen and so don’t get good food very often. I’ve apparently become ‘den mother’ to all his friends like this, so he had these guys over and enthusiastically requested I roast a chicken for them.

   Nick and Travis

…. I painted our garage interior! The back wall was this terrible brown color, and I wanted a fresh, brighter, happier color before we (finally) buy a washer and dryer. This is the current progress …

teal garage

…. Brews Willis flew in from Toronto to stay at our house and make a record with Andrew. That’s what they’re doing today, in fact. Staying til Monday I think. So our house is full of rockstars, obviously :)  You can preorder the album or other goodies here and help support the record.

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Around here in the last week …

… it’s been busy! I let myself be lazy over the weekend and it all caught up on Monday.

… We went and hung out with Andrew’s sister and her family over the weekend. My niece is 6 months and my nephew will be 2 in a week or so!


… Rearranged the garage. Need to make room for the washer and dryer we hopefully can afford soon!

… Also mowed the lawn. Like a grown up. And HATED every second.


… Had to take Fang to the vet this week. Breaks my heart when the girls aren’t 100%.


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