Around here in the last week …

… The last several weeks have been emotionally exhausting – my amazing grandmother died combined with Andrew having to work so much I see him about 45 minutes every other day. We’re getting through it.

carole hann

… We did have Sunday together. Driving 6 hours to Phoenix for my grandmother’s memorial and then 6 hours back in the same day. But, you know. Together.

… We came home with some fun treasures she wanted me to have (I am the oldest grandchild) including this fantastic vintage trunk.


… after almost 6 years of reading U.S. History I finally got father than Andrew Jackson. I have now finished 1 President Martin Van Buren biography, and am working on a President William Henry Harrison biography. Combined that takes me to about spring 1841. My goal is to get to 1860 by the end of the year.

… I mowed the lawn for the first time in 20 years. Proud of myself for actually doing it – physical exertion is NOT my thing.

… Also, my banana peppers are going like gangbusters! Here are 2 I picked yesterday with my hand for a size comparison

banana pepper

… working on my novel and creative workshops this week. Planning another free blogging webinar, too!

… Andrew has been working so much his feet are a disaster. I successfully got him to relax and actually elevate his feet before bed the other night. Also! He got a hookup and got a hair dresser to come to his work to give him a hair cut. It’s his new favorite thing (yep, he works so much he doesn’t even have time for a hair cut)

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 6.19.05 AM

… It’s getting to be that time of year that is way too hot in our bedroom or my office. Which is super sad because I could spend my life between those 2 rooms (if I had coffee and ice cream).

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First! Thanks to everyone who filled out the reader survey for my birthday! I’ll be collecting responses through the end of the month, if you have not yet done it or if you have more thoughts you would like to add click here!

Around here in the last week …

… I fell down a Harry Potter Pinterest rabbit hole for HOURS. I deliberately did not create an HP board, but you can now find a ton of HP-pins scattered throughout my boards. I made my husband commit to an HP movie marathon soon, I’ll probably re-read the books this fall (my preferred HP reading season) and I pulled out this book, this book and this book to maybe re-read soon. Want to start revising my HP Master’s thesis too.

… Andrew slept *most* of Sunday (he was awake about 5 out of a 29 hour period), but he woke up for long enough to take me for a Menchie’s date.


… We harvested my first banana pepper from our garden! And 2 more strawberries!

… Started working on my new novel and sailing merrily along. Post about that next week.

… Bought a new URL for a fun new project!

… hosted my first free webinar! Nervous and fun and lots of great feedback

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Around here in the last week …

… We went to Phoenix again over the weekend to visit my grandma. And my parents took us out to breakfast for my birthday where we ordered this flight of bacon. Kind of amazing!


… While in Phoenix we took my aunt and uncle’s dogs for a little walk. They’re both such sweet boys.


… my birthday gift from Andrew was AMAZING. He did 30 Days of Lists in March unbeknownst to me, paired those in a Moleskine journal with a hand-carved stamp and a note to me EVERY DAY for the month! Which means every day I get to read something fun that Andrew wrote just for me. He’s the BEST!

birthday month

… Andrew took the day off for my birthday – we went to lunch and to see the new Muppet movie! There were only 2 other people in the theater and Andrew and I felt a little awkward laughing so loudly in a mostly empty theater. We then spent the rest of the day quoting the movie. I love the Muppets.

birthday Muppet

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Around here in the last week ….

… My first strawberry is turning red! I feel so domestic when I go out and water/check plants in the mornings.


… I’ve been busy plotting my next novel. I’m hoping I’ll be able to write up to 2000 words each day once I’ve done the hard part of plotting first. We’ll see. Another blog post to come.

… I’ve been doing a bunch of yardwork and I found this wooden-trellis-like structure very deeply embedded in the dirt around the perimeter of the yard. No idea why it was installed or how long it’s been there. We didn’t see it when we first looked at the house 2+ years ago. Any idea why this would be embedded in the dirt??


… Finishing putting together my Pillar Content webinar. Make sure you RSVP

… I’ve been working from my office a lot more this week and Fang is following me. She’s adorable.


… Andrew has worked an insane amount. Even for him. My poor boy.

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Around here in the last week …

… I planned a little surprise day trip (for next week or the day after). Surprise for Andrew!

… Andrew recorded one of his clients playing violin in our living room. So fun! The cats didn’t love it.

recording violin

… Lots and lots of yardwork. Still struggling to get this stump and roots out.


… My strawberry plant is doing so well! So excited!

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This week …

… we went to a good friend’s wedding. It was intimate and personal and totally perfect.


… the wedding favors were succulents in tin cans (!!) and we got to take A BUNCH. Wait till you see what I have planned for them!

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 10.39.30 AM

… I’ve been hanging out with my grandmother all week. She’s fantastic! She raised 5 boys, so you know she’s tough too.

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This week…

… I finally updated the Testimonials and Praise section of the BUILD ecourse website! So nice to have that crossed off my to do list.

Just a reminder, we’re reading Linchpin this month for L&R Book Club.

It *finally* rained here in SoCal. For about 3 days straight. And my backyard became a lake:

Lake Schubert

Also, I chatted with my cousin for awhile (he’s a senior in high school) and learned he wants to be a Supreme Court Justice! I’m impressed.

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This week …

I’m reading this book. JQA is one of my heroes.

… I’ve been trying my hand at gardening. First garden at SchubertHQ. My first real attempt since I was probably 8 years old doing it so I could be like Anne Shirley.


… We had a bee colony removed from the wall of our house (last week). The technician that did it – Christian from Bee Green Removal – was so kind and informative and went out of his way to make sure I knew what was going on at each step. I learned so much about bees!

bee removal

… I’ve been working on my #30Lists book (since Kam and I journal them in advance). Every challenge I’m grateful for the time to sit down and write out these minute details.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today Maggie and I are shooting some wedding portraits and then I’ll probably come home and have dinner on the couch with Andrew while we marathon a TV show. It’s one of our favorite things :)