Pillar Content Webinar now available!

If you missed it earlier this year, I’ve just packaged up my webinar — Pillar Content: The Backbone of your Blog — for you!

This is the perfect resource to get you in the right headspace for the coming year. Very soon you will be setting your goals and resolutions for 2015 — know how your blog’s content is going to to fit in next year.

pillar content webinarIf you have a blog, your content is the heart of your online presence. The work you put out there on a daily or weekly basis is what you become known for to online readers all over the world.

Don’t you want to leverage that content to work for you again and again and again?

Grab this 1 hour, 7 minute recorded webinar that gives you all the examples and steps you need to create fantastic blog content that will bring you traffic (and income) for the long-haul.

Topics included:

  • What is Pillar Content?
  • Why you need Pillar Content
  • Examples of Pillar Content
  • How to structure and publish Pillar Content
  • How to promote Pillar Content
  • so many examples
  • action steps to take right away
  • … and so much more!

Bonus! The video includes a little bit before and after the webinar showing you how I broadcast it live.


WAIT! This video and SO MUCH MORE is in the BUILD ecourse. Upgrade to that full ecourse and learn how pillar content fits into your full online platform strategy.


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Creative small business resources

Plus, I have recently added over 100 resources (with many more to come) to the BUILD ecourse. Sign up here for access to the full course


Why creators NEED a platform

Do you do custom illustrations for tattoos? You need an online platform.

Do you make historically accurate swords? You need an online platform.

Do you write compelling and effective landing pages? You need an online platform.

Example: My husband is a recording engineer and producer. His clients are mostly L.A. punk bands, members who have part-time jobs just to pay gas money to their gigs and live 9 to a three-bedroom Silverlake house. This description is a bit exaggerated, but nonetheless accurate. Andrew is heavy into the scene and almost all his clients are word of mouth. One of his bands plays a show with another band, his name comes up, someone texts him and finds out details.

Andrew works incredibly hard. Harder than I have ever worked. He personally hits up bands he wants to work with. He’s on email and text all the time hustling with potential new clients, or previous clients to maintain the relationship. He does this all personally and I am not sure he will ever get to the point where he hands off handling inquiries to anyone else.

He is skeptical of almost all my marketing ideas for him (he usually comes around eventually), but the 1 I would not let him veto is having a website. I know it seems so not-punk-rock to have a website with a contact form and everything, but have it he must.

And now that he has a website?

He gets inquiries from France. He had a Toronto band fly all the way across the continent to work with him. There’s an Oregon band coming down in the next couple months to make a record.

Andrew is creating really really great work. His name is in the credits on record sleeves everywhere, and if some kid in France googles his name, there NEEDS to be an online platform where Andrew can be found.

There’s not much on his site, but it is THERE. About, contact, credits. Enough of an anchor for his name, because when word spreads google is where most people will go.

I genuinely don’t even care if you have a blog (in Andrew’s case, his credits perform the same function a blog would), but if you are a creative person, you need an online platform.

Do it. No excuses.

750x100_amyquit_colorP.S. I had planned to add a bunch of content to the ecourse by the end of August and raise the price, but I ran out of time! Therefore, you still have until the end of September to register at the current price before it goes up October 1


Marketing 101: Who is it for?

Continuing our Marketing 101 series:

We’ve talked about the very basics of marketing, how to identify what you are offering, know how it helps people, how to make sure they know about it and knowing what to tell them. The next step in creating your marketing campaign is to make sure your marketing message is reaching the right potential customers. Get the info to the right people and you can actually help them change something in their life.

Marketing can be boiled down to this:
Know what you’re offering, how it helps people and make sure they know about it.

Let’s dig deeper into knowing who your offer is for!

Your product is NOT for everyone. Sorry. It’s just not. And your marketing is not going to be effective until you start to embrace the small niche that is interested in what you have to offer.

You need to think about questions like:

  • How does your customer spend the bulk of their time?
  • What kinds of things do they value?
  • What is their experience with similar products/services?
  • Who or what is the major factor in your customers’ decisions?

Your product might be for stay-at-home moms who need to run purchases by their husbands because they don’t feel comfortable spending money they didn’t directly earn. Your product may be for just-out-of-college professionals who have a full-time income for the first time in their lives. Your product might be for 40-something couples who are not quite at a mid-life crisis but are still looking for something exciting to shake things up.

Your marketing message can be tailored to a very specific group as in these examples. You just need to know who YOUR specific group is.

For example, now that I am moving farther into fiction-writing circles and introduce myself, I often have to give the disclaimer : “Oh, I blog for blogging crafty creative ladies. You, middle aged nerdy male writer, are not the audience so don’t even bother looking me up.” It also saves me from having to try to explain what 30 Days of Lists is, for example. Unless you are already acquainted with the idea of an online class or creative challenge, #30Lists is mind-boggling.

As Seth Godin says about figuring out who your product is for, “It’s cheaper to answer these questions than it is to spend time and money on marketing, but, alas, it usually doesn’t happen that way.”

P.S. This weekend will be the BUILD virtual retreat! You MUST be registered for the ecourse to join, but all weekend I’ll be online answering whatever questions you want. We will tailor the retreat content very specifically to the attendees.

P.P.S. The BUILD ecourse price will go up on September 1, so this is the best time to jump in if you have been thinking about it.


Blogging resources

Just a few great posts I’ve found recently …

P.S. WAY more blogging resources in the BUILD ecourse or on my Pinterest board

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TravelScrap HQ Launched!

If you were not around last Friday morning, I spent almost 3 hours live online setting up a new little mini site:

TravelScrap HQ

Travel Scrapbooking

My goal is to build a lot of content and let it be a source of leveraged income (affiliate links, ebook sales and non-live courses). I think the site will really start rolling once there’s a ton of content, but that is (of course) immensely time consuming. But, since both travel and memory keeping are subjects I truly love, I’m not that worried about the time spent. I would be making these books and albums anyway, so why not have a focused place to show them off?

I used essentially a big chunk of the info and strategy I have included in the BUILD ecourse. You can visit this page and watch the (long) video and check out my full to do list.

You can follow TravelScrap HQ on Instagram and Pinterest

Those are the only social media I’m using for now, because they are image-centric. I have grabbed TravelScrapHQ on Twitter and FB as well, but don’t have plans to use them very soon.

I am also accepting guest post and you can read guidelines for submission here.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site, let me know!

If you are thinking about creating your own tiny niche site, watch how I did it here and register for the BUILD ecourse


Watch me launch a website LIVE

I talk a lot about building your online platform. I really think ANYONE can start a little online business that can help them make a little money on the side, or raise their public profile or help promote their cause.

Anyone can do this. Anyone! This is more or less what Gary Vaynerchuk talks about it Crush It! You can just figure out what tiny little niche you love, and work on connecting with the other weirdos who love it too.

So I’m gonna do it. Are you busy August 8? Because I am going to be online that morning, and I thought you might want to join me.

On August 8 I will be setting up a new minisite LIVE online!

That sounds weird, right? So here’s the deal:

About a year ago I registered a URL for a little niche site I wanted to set up. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off because it involves creating a *bunch* of content that I just haven’t had time for. But I LOVE the niche – it’s so close to my heart and something I’m involved in anyway and (let’s be honest), if I can figure out some way to make it part of my business I will love my job that much more.

I’ve been brainstorming how and when to launch this little niche site…..  But, the more I think about it, the more I realize some of you might be interested in what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

So, Friday, August 8 at 9:30am PT I’m going to get on Google+ and do a LIVE hangout and show you what I’m doing to create this new site.*

I have no idea how long it will take, or what *exactly* will be included. I have a big to-do list, but I’m going to stay flexible. The site will be called TravelScrap HQ, and I’m pretty excited! I believe it will be recorded and I’ll put together my whole to-do list and related resources so you can launch your own minisite.

And the whole event is totally free! I hope you’ll join me!

Make sure you’re on my email list and I’ll send a reminder that morning.

*Note: Specific technical steps with secure info like setting up an email address and creating a Pinterest account will NOT be done live. But I will tell you about all of those steps and do everything that is *not* security related live.


Connect Guest Blogging ebook redesigned!

Connect: Guest posting templateGood news! Another one of my ebooks has now been redesigned by Alexandra Rae Design to match L&R branding!

I could not be happier.

Grab yours: Connect: A simple template to make guest posting work for you

I love the practice of guest posting – both giving and receiving. In the 6+ years I’ve been blogging, I’ve have DEFINITELY found guest posting to be one of the most effective ways of promoting my site.

Guest posts are valuable as marketing, as a form of networking or as just a way of connecting with a new audience.

When pitching your guest post, what is the best way to make that post work for YOU – instead of just the blog’s owner?

Guest posting can be used for

  • Marketing. Growing your audience, gaining a few more customers, increasing your visibility.
  • Networking. You will start to connect with new readers and other blog authors and start to gain name recognition in your little industry
  • Practice. Practice practice practice. Writing well takes practice and the more you do it the better you will be.

I try to brainstorm a guest post whenever I’m sponsoring a site, as well as every couple months in between sponsoring a site.

But any guest post I write, I always have a goal. I always have a reason for the guest post. And I always give that new audience a reason to come visit Lemon and Raspberry. And it has WORKED. Worked to grow my audience (in REAL numbers). Worked to make sales (tracked directly to guest posts).

I figure, if it’s working for me if can work for you too ….

Written by me and designed by Allie Trumpower, Connect contains the basic structure to help you build a guest post that both connects with new readers, and guides them to follow-up with you to help grow your business or blog audience.

The simple structure outlined in this pdf is easy-to-use and perfectly adaptable to any subject or niche you may be blogging about.

This guest post template – Connect – gives specific steps to crafting a guest post that is both promotional for your new product or service, but also intimately connects with the reader in a way that does not feel “salesy”.

Add to Cart

Download yours and let me know if you have questions and how guest posting has worked for you!

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LIVE: Virtual retreat for BUILDers

Mark your calendars! I will be hosting the first virtual BUILD retreat August 22 – 24.

virtual retreatYou *must* be a registered BUILDer to attend, so be sure you join now! It’s the best time to jump in – the price of BUILD will be raising on September 1 to reflect all the extra content that has been added in over the last year since it was originally launched.

Which means, if you register now you will be getting:

  • Lifetime access to the full (giant) self-paced ecourse (including any and all additions)
  • Access to the private mastermind Facebook group
  • Access to the virtual retreat in August
  • The original price before it goes up!

Plus, of course, you will have the blog-building tools right at your fingertips for a big fall push!

This is the perfect opportunity to set aside some sacred focus time to get done what you want to get done.

The BUILD ecourse is self-paced, so I know everyone will be working on their own thing. The retreat will be structured as a series of themed Q&A live events, so if you are working on building your email list you can pick my brain during the marketing session, or if you are working on your editorial calendar, jump on for the content section. This format allows me to exactly personalize the weekend experience for the BUILDers who attend.

Please note: We will all be in different time zones, but I would be useless at 3am, so you will be able to submit your questions ahead of time.


Friday, August 22:

  • 7pm ET: General mixer and discussing goals

Saturday, August 23:

  • 10am ET: Design
  • 3pm ET: Content
  • 8pm ET: Monetization

Sunday, August 24:

  • 11am ET: Marketing
  • 3pm ET: Maintenance
  • 8pm ET: Congrats! You did it!

There is a private Facebook event where links and discussion can be posted. Plus each Q&A will be recorded and live in the BUILD ecourse content, so you can come back and listen as many times as you like.

Be sure you REGISTER soon – so you can jump in to the virtual retreat!


5 easy ways to blog consistently

Coming on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of Spark, it’s time for a reminder that for those of us that are professional about our blogging, there there is no slacking, no matter what kind of mental slump you are in. You are COMMITTED to your blog the way you are COMMITTED to your job. You never call in ‘uninspired’ do you? No. So no excuses.

If you want you blog to be your professional online platform that helps you do awesome things, you’ve got to blog consistently. Don’t let your readers down.

blog consistently

Invest more time in Pillar Content

Here’s why: If you write a post that is super timely and right-now-centric, you’re going to want to publish it right away. Which is totally fine. Unless that means then you don’t have another post for next week. Instead, focus on writing evergreen, perpetually useful content that you can publish at any time. Next week I will be holding a free blogging webinar *just* on Pillar Content, so sign up to join me!

Example: Other than the mentions above of “yesterday’s announcement” and my “free blogging webinar” coming up, this post could be read at any time and still be useful. Tomorrow. Six months from now. Three years from now.

Seriously, though. Sign up for the webinar because I will talk about this at length.

Use an editorial calendar

Wait. Have you heard me say this before? Like here and here and here and here? Huh. Well, what do you know?

In all seri0usness, if you want to be consistent you need to know what that actually looks like. Practically speaking. Which means you need to dig out your calendar and commit to blogging consistently on a regular basis in the future. Even if you only have *teeny* bit of time to create blog posts, you can still be consistent. 1 post every other week consistently is better than 4 posts in 1 week and then none for 2 months.

Batch your tasks

So, let’s pretend that you only have a few hours each week to blog (or, like a BUILDer, you only have the summer to work on your blog because you teach the rest of the year). If you are in fact committed to publishing a blog post once a week, try batching your tasks and getting several weeks’ worth of blog posts done and scheduled at once.

You can write 4 posts on a Sunday afternoon, and then have consistent content for your readers for weeks.

Embrace the brainstorm

If you are going to commit to blogging on a regular basis, that means you need to have the ideas flowing. I have found that the best way to always have ideas for blog posts is to write down EVERYTHING. Brainstorm. Mind map. Journal. Make Evernote your best friend. Anything to help you record all the ideas that flit through your brain. Then you have plenty to draw from when it is again time to blog (on your consistent schedule)

Related: Revisit previous topics. Repetition just establishes you as an authority.

Practice publishing

Ok, all these other tactics are specific to the mechanics of getting blog posts written and scheduled. But what if your problem is … fear? Fear of finishing. Fear of putting your ideas out there. Fear of publishing just in case maybe you got it wrong and if you do not hit schedule then no one can judge you or troll you or tear you apart in GOMI. Slightly extreme, yes.

There comes a time when you just have to be BRAVE and hit publish. Consistently.

So how often will you be blogging?