What have I signed myself up for?

I will be starting TWO online creative workshops today!* Which is WAY WAY more commitment to creative projects that I have made in awhile.

I keep telling myself I can totally do this and stay caught up – I’m not sure if I believe it.

Project Life Lessons

Project Life Lessons is a workshop from Elise Blaha Cripe, Annette Haring, and Megan Anderson with their tried-and-true tips in the areas of photo management, storytelling, organization, assembly, and more. Whether your Project Life approach involves weekly spreads, monthly highlights, or something more custom, you can establish an effective working process that will help you make your albums a better reflection of who you really are and what matters most to you.

I am super behind on my 2014 Project Life spreads, so I’m thrilled to maybe get some new ideas and inspiration.

CLICK HERE to register and join me!

My Details Class

My Details is a 2 week online workshop full of 10 journaling prompts to help record your details. Use the 10 prompts to document about your present details or use them to document about the you from the past, or do BOTH as Megan and Kristin have! They will inspire you with 40+ takes on the prompts between the two of them in the form of mini-book pages, pocket page spreads, traditional layouts, and more! You can return to these prompts again and again to document your details and can even return to them later to translate them into documenting the details of others!

I am excited about having the excuse just to write. I think I’ve decided to just journal in a Word doc so I don’t have to worry about running out of room – and THEN deciding what to do with my journaling.

CLICK HERE to get your spot – use discount codes LEMONDETAILS for $2 off

Let me know if you are interested in my blogging my progress! 

Both workshops have some great pre-class bonuses that I have had so much fun going through!

*Please note: Because I am friends with one of the teachers and have helped promote,
my seats in these classes were gifted to me

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Giveaway: MyDetails online workshop

Ready to record some of those little memories that slip through the cracks?

At least once a week I think of a totally random story from my past that I don’t have any scrapbook pages for because there are no associated photos. I grew up as an ‘event’ scrapbooker, not really recording all the little stories.

Here’s a fun solution!


I am so excited to let you know about this new online workshop from my friends Kristin and Megan!

CLICK HERE to grab your spot AND use discount code LEMONDETAILS for $2 off!

Use the 10 prompts to document about your present details or use them to document about the you from the past, or do BOTH as Megan and Kristin have! They will inspire you with 40+ takes on the prompts between the two of them in the form of mini-book pages, pocket page spreads, traditional layouts, and more! You can return to these prompts again and again to document your details and can even return to them later to translate them into documenting the details of others!

Whether you’re a blogger, a mini book maker, a journaler, a pocket scrapbooker, or a traditional scrapbooker, we’ve got ideas for you to make sure you are telling YOUR story and YOUR details in your memory keeping! Join us–the pre-classroom is accessible NOW and prompts begin April 14!

xMy-Details-Sneak-PeeksThere is a TON of content already in the workshop private blog to go through between now and the workshop beginning April 14.

Beginning April 14, you’ll have access to:

  • A new prompt each weekday over the duration of the class–10 in all
  • Detailed suggestions for interpretations of each prompt, making each prompt something you can return to for inspiration again and again
  • Two interpretations of each prompt from each instructor
  • 40+ exclusive takes on the prompts from instructors Megan and Kristin
  • Design and documentation tips with each project
  • Saturday Share days in which inspiration from the community members is shared
  • Supply lists with links to resources used in the workshop examples
  • E-mail access to instructors
  • Access to classroom indefinitely

I am taking part in the class – brainstorming how I’ll collect my work this week!

CLICK HERE to grab your spot AND use discount code LEMONDETAILS for $2 off!

or enter the giveaway below….

P.S. There is a giveaway for a 3-MONTH OHDEERME KIT SUBSCRIPTION on the MyDetails private blog. This giveaway will be open through April 7th! Register today for your chance at this SOLD OUT kit. You *cannot* wait to see if you win a spot to enter this giveaway.

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Project Life 2014 (a little late)

It is now almost April, and I have yet to really begin my Project Life 2014 book.

Why? I have no idea. I cannot believe it’s already the end of March. I’ve spent a lot of my weekends out of town so far this year, which means more photos taken and fewer time to process them. It’s a totally acceptable problem to have :)

project life 2014

So I’m hunkering down this week (see tomorrow’s post for a clue why!) and here’s my plan for this year:

12×12 binder

I love the American Crafts 12×12 3-ring binders. Last year I used a red-spine; this year I grabbed a black-spine. I kinda want to just go through their entire collection. Blue next year?

Design A Page Protectors

Why mess with what is working? I have used Design A EXCLUSIVELY since I started this 2 years ago – and I still love it. I like that all my pages look consistent. I like that it is 1 fewer decision I have to make every week.

Date card

I haven’t totally decided how I want to tackle labeling each week. I hate the idea of a whole card with just the date and nothing else – waste of space if you ask me. I love Kelly Purkey’s plan of self-portraits for every week with the date, but it’s too late for me to do that the whole year.

What I will likely do is use Photoshop to insert the dates (not week numbered) on top of a photo from that week – self-portrait if possible. I also downloaded these free date cards that I might throw in now and again. We’ll see.

Multiple Project Life Core kits

My focus is ALWAYS on the photos and stories, and NEVER on the product. I get a little twitchy when I think about using “filler” cards. That said, I currently own 3 core kits and 1 partial mini kit: Seafoam (that I used in 2013); Midnight (that I used a tiny bit for December Daily 2013); Sunshine (that I kinda regret buying) and an Amy Tangerine mini kit that I split with Kam. I’m also trying to talk myself out of getting Strawberry. But I just *love* the colors, so we’ll see. Lord knows I don’t need it.

I plan on using a combination of all of these (depending on the colors in each week’s images).

Currently List

I’ve been doing rukrisitin papercraft’s Currently List every other week so far this year, and of course I plan to continue. It’s similar to the Read/Watched cards I did the first year+, but more story and fewer details.

Get yours here


I am NOT an embellishment kind of girl. I just like to tell the story with photo/words/paper. That said, I have a *ton* of washi tape that needs to be used, and I am getting mildly obsessed with stamps. I bought these and haven’t used them yet!

I’ve also purchased a couple (mostly travel related) digital products that I’d like to start incorporating. I need to practice Photoshop some more.

So …. I think I’m ready. Other than the ACTUAL photos (I print through Costco and get them shipped to me) I think I have everything I need.

Now to pour over more Project Life inspiration … Check out Kam’s plans for her new Project Life book. I love how well she incorporates ephemera into her book.

If you have questions about HOW I put these together, you can check out my recent posts on the process with supplies, the process with journaling, the process with photos and the process with design.

ALSO: I have recently contributed to a Big Picture Classes ebook about Project Life! It’s all about using the Project Life structure to dig a little deeper into your stories. Check out more details including a preview here!

Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to preserve your memories and record your stories in an easy way. Check out all my Project Life posts.

If you’re ready to start your own, check out How to get started with Project Life!

Are you doing Project Life this year?


#30Lists Blog Hop! Free prompt and ideas

30 Days of Lists Blog Hop

Thanks so much for joining us on the #30Lists blog hop!

Kam and I and our #30Lists Ambassadors are hosting a blog hop today – we’re each sharing a bonus list prompt on our blogs and hope to motivate more Listers to join us this March AND inspire current Listers with examples of what we will be sharing with you throughout the month.

We’re revisiting list prompts from the (100% free) March 2011 30 Days of Lists challenge.

Are you ready to get started?

I decided to re-list books I want to read this year. Here is where I originally posted this list back in March 2011

#30Lists free prompt

Confession: I still haven’t read a good chunk of these books. I read about 400 million books, just not all of these.

So here is my new list for 2014 ….

Books I’d Like to Read This Year:

And (obviously) dozens more…. Obviously.

What books are you going to read this year?

Make sure you check out the rest of the Blog Hop….

Simply click on one of the links below and get started – all of our posts are linked, so you will be able to click through to each blogger’s list.

CLICK HERE to register for March 2014 and get 30 more list prompts!

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Currently List: New colors!

Since I haven’t posted any recent Project Life spreads lately (where I’ll be keeping these Currently cards), I thought I’d show off my recent lists as well as tell you about the new color!

I have original black, special L&R green, January’s Rocket Gray and February’s fuschia. Can’t wait for new colors the rest of the year!

I plan on doing these every other Friday, and you can follow me on Instagram or join the Facebook group to see any new ones.

currently list classic

currently list gray

Don’t forget! February Fuschia physical cards are ONLY available during the month of February! Get yours here, or get the digital file and print them yourself.

Are you recording your story this year?


Will you be listing with us in March?

Are you ready to get listing!?
Image 300x200 M14 Lists
Join us in March for a BRAND NEW round of 30 Days of Lists. Another quick journaling challenge. Another opportunity to record YOUR STORY. And the perfect, EASY way to record your RIGHT NOW story.

Blurb books and mini albums and art journals are amazing, but not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night.

30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day – even something as small as a list. While you’re waiting in line or just before bed, only 5-10 minutes per day are really needed. On your phone, on a notepad or even with paint and stamps and hand-binding. Your lists will tell your story and you can make them exactly what you want.

Every day through the month of March 2014 we will be posting a list prompt – anything from weekend goals to celebrity crushes. At the end of the 30 days you’ll have a collection of entries creating a small snapshot of your life right now.

That’s all.

Just write.

There’s no wrong way to do this and if you don’t like a prompt on a certain day, just change it.

Big Header M14

What does registration include?

Once you register you will receive an automatically downloadable file giving you access to the private blog for March 2014’s 30 Days of Lists — as well as exclusive discounts from our sponsors and ambassadors. Once you log in to the private blog you’ll be able to get all the prompts (if you want them early) and join the private Facebook group. The community of Listers is FANTASTIC! So supportive of all manners and styles of creativity!

The March 2014 #30Lists challenge blog is open immediately (and will remain available for at least a year).

Upon logging in, you’ll have immediate access to:

  • private Facebook Group just for March #30Lists participants
  • printable download with ALL of March’s list topics (for those of you who want the topics ahead of time)

Throughout the rest of February we’ll introduce:

  • tutorial on adding images to the Flickr group
  • tutorial on using the #30Lists hashtag for Instagram
  • tutorial on joining the community
  • introductions to our sponsors
  • introductions to our ambassadors
  • Kam and Amy’s individual 30Lists books
  • ‘your take’ on the #30Lists book covers
  • giveaways from sponsors and ambassadors

Starting March 1st:

  • 1 new list topic will be posted each morning
  • additional giveaways and/or tutorials
  • list topics hosted by some of our sponsors
  • ‘your take’ posts high-lighting the lists all of you are making

Start stocking up on your sticky-notes, ordering notebooks from your favorite online sellers, or creating a journal of your own to house your lists, March 1st will be here before we know it.

PLUS: Be one of the first 400 Listers to register and be automatically entered to win a $100 USD Etsy gift card!

The daily list prompts won’t start until March 1st, but it’s an excellent idea to check the private blog regularly between now and then for tutorials, updates, and maybe a giveaway or two.

Also, it isn’t too early to get to know your fellow Listers either by visiting their blogs or chatting on Facebook.


We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Nurturing my to-do list: Tackling unfinished projects

This post was blatantly inspired by Ali Edwards. In fact, I bumped the original post scheduled for today because I really wanted to talk about the subject of FINISHING. And tackling projects that have been on my to do list and hanging over me for years.

Finishing and prioritizing and being honest about my choices is really important to me. It’s how I structure all of my days, so refocusing on finishing these particular projects is simply about reaffirming what I want to accomplish this year.

This falls under the category of NURTURE (my One Little Word for this year) because dear lord it would be nice to get my office more organized and these files off of my computer. All of these (and a couple others) fall under the Memory Keeping goals I mentioned here.

Here are the projects I would like to finish in 2014:

  • Project Life 2014 (technically not exactly started)
  • Yosemite minialbum (2013)
  • Day in the Life Blurb book (2013)
  • Colorado Blurb book (2013)
  • Scotland Blurb book (2011)
  • Week in the Life Blurb book (2011)
  • Italy Blurb book (2009)
  • England Blurb book (2009)

I have several smaller Blurb books and albums I have wanted to make as well, but I think this is enough to go on with. Obviously, I love Blurb.

I’ve started blocking off time. A few hours tonight to finish typing up journaling. A few hours over the weekend to organize photos and import them into Blurb.

You’ll notice most of these are travel albums. My travel scrapbooking method (developed over the years) is pretty simple. Make a small travel journal to collect all the journaling and memorabilia while traveling (here’s the Scotland one and the Alaska one for examples). Then I take all that journaling and type it up and put together a Blurb book of the journaling + my digital photos (Alaska cruise example).

So the good news is, I have everything for all of these travel books already collected. The bad news is they are GIANT projects. Each trip is at least a week long and of course I took a TON of photos.

I’m about a third of the way done with my Scotland book, so that is where I’ll start (I recently realized if I want to include everything I will have to break it up into 2 books). Some of the journaling for older albums I can pull from my family blog. Plus I’m deciding right now that if we go on a vacation this year I will NOT try to get the album done immediately afterward. And I don’t plan on participating in any Day in the Life or Week in Life projects this year.

But memory keeping AND travel are very important to me, so these are all projects I definitely want to finish. The smaller ones (like about our cats or our house or some of our minitravels) I may end up letting go of.

Now what? Here’s the plan:

  1. Prioritize. I’ve got the most finished on the Scotland album. Next is probably the Yosemite minialbum, and then pieces from there. I subscribe to the get-one-done method of productivity rather than assembly-line a bunch at once.
  2. Schedule. I use Google Calendar to make sure I book the time to work on them. I don’t have any idea how long each will take, so I’ve just set up a recurring several-hour date every week to power through. And add more time in as I have it.
  3. Organize. Not all of my journaling is typed up. Not all of my travel details are collected. I have a bag of pamphlets and memorabilia from England. Somewhere. I plan to do this on a project-by-project basis.
  4. Share. I’m really proud of these. At least what I have done so far. And I want to share them with you all. So feel free to nag me.

What projects do you need to finish this year?

What plans have you made to get them done?

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8 storytelling apps to help record your story

I love my iPhone. I didn’t want an iPhone – I knew I could do without the expense and the addictive quality. But all the same, I love my iPhone. I like being able to work from anywhere (so I can travel more). I like being able to chat with my husband at any time. And I LOVE that the iPhone is full of storytelling apps that help me record my everyday stories!

Our lives are totally and completely changed just from having a phone and note-taking ability right at our fingertips.

In case you are new to smartphones, or are just looking for some new toys to play with, here are some of my favorite storytelling apps – most of which I use every day.

in no particular order ….


Storytelling apps - Lemon and RaspberryThe new app from my good friend Kam, Write365 is PERFECT for those of us that are just stumped on what kinds of stories need to be told. I forget about things like what it was like in my neighborhood growing up or the fact that we had a ‘no singing at the dinner table’ rule until it happens to come up in conversation with my husband.

Download Write365 and get random journaling prompts, email them to yourself, and start recording those everyday stories you might not otherwise think of.

Day One

Day One is a journaling app that simply gives you the space to write on your phone. The BEST part about this app is you can set an alarm. So every night at 8:00pm for example, you’re reminded to journal about your day. Or maybe you want to make it a lunch-break routine at 12:30pm. Or maybe every morning you want to write at 7:30am. I love the automatic reminder!

Download Day One and set yourself an alarm to journal your day.


This app will let you take a photo and overlay it with text and stats about the weather where you are! I LOVE this option for traveling and day trips especially – like this photo from Colorado. There are a bunch of different overlays with different styles and info and are SUCH a fun way of recording where you are.

Download InstaWeather and be ready for a new excursion!


I haven’t personally used this app, but you can read Elise’s review and tips here. I’ve downloaded it and I’m excited to use around my house – especially when I’m home alone. It’s always easier to use my phone than get out my dSLR and set the timer on that.

Download TimerCam and get yourself in more photos.


From the makers of Totally Rad Photoshop actions, this photo-editing app is the only one I ever use. I love how many options and the versatility this app allows. My iPhone camera is not the best, but this app helps my photos look so much better before I share them.

Download PicTapGo to make your iPhone images as lovely as possible.


I love Instagram. If for some reason you are not familiar with this app, it is essentially a photo-sharing community. Yes, there are filters and other editing functions but for the most part I use it for community. Sharing photos from recent blog posts, or travels or just fun cat photos. I love that I can share a visual of what is going on in my life (and then go back and grab that in-the-moment journaling if I need to)

Pair this app with Blurb’s Instagram book to load photos easily like this one I made of my kittens.

Download Instagram and join the awesome creative community.


I haven’t personally used this app, but check out Annette’s review and tutorial here. She’s using it to choose and gather the mobile images she wants printed for Project Life.

Download Collect and DO something with those photos.


I use Dropbox to backup my mobile photos (as well as get Andrew’s from him). It’s connected to my online acct (and computer), so at the end of the day or so I just open the app and all the photos that I’ve taken on my phone automatically upload to my Dropbox folder …. where I can then take them and edit them and get them printed for Project Life or some other project.

Download Dropbox and make sure your images are backed up.

What are your favorite storytelling apps?


Project Life: November and December 2013

This marks my *final* blog post showing off my 2013 Project Life spreads. I suppose that means that I should have something poignant and thoughtful to say about my experience this last year …. but really? I’m just GRATEFUL.

Grateful that I stuck with it all year. Grateful that Andrew contributes. Grateful that I found this method that I can manage to keep my memory keeping up.

I love seeing my weeks at a glance. I love that I have a full year printed out (biggest accomplishment) and in the books. Even though I will go back and make big, event-specific books for some of 2013′s stories.

And I love that I have a framework that works for me for the future.

These are my Project Life spreads from November and December of 2013 …. My weeks run Monday to Sunday – which I love, because they keep the weekends together in a chunk. So the images are *roughly* arranged from Monday on the left to Sunday on the right.

(if you’d like to see the images larger, you should be able to click through to view them on Flickr)

These are JUST the full 2-page spreads. You can click through to the full gallery to see each page individually as well.

October 28 – November 3

Most of this week was slow, but we went to Phoenix over the weekend and it was REALLY full and busy! We drove out Saturday morning, and that night we went to see my dad play in his band at a coffee shop. All of his family was in town for a wedding the next day, so a bunch of out-of-towners came to that show too!

Sunday morning I took family photos for a friend of mine, and then Sunday afternoon we went to my cousin’s wedding before driving home that night! Busy busy busy!

PLP  002

November 4 – 10

Biggest news this week? Our niece was born and we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! SUCH a good week!

The blank card indicates where Andrew needs to complete his journaling about his recording session over the weekend.

PLP  005

November 11 – 17

This week was slow and at home most of the week, but on Saturday night I went with Andrew where he recorded a house show for our friend Max. It was really fun and I LOVE seeing Andrew work.

PLP  008

November 18 – 24

This was the final week of trying to find *someone* to come repair our roof. It was SUCH a pain.

Andrew went down to San Pedro over the weekend for another recording session while I stayed home and tried to clean up my office a bit.

This is also the week that Andrew’s record release – Sick Sick Birds – was released! Finally! After months.

PLP  011

November 25 – December 1

Thanksgiving week was SO full! We got our roof repaired, and Andrew had a recording session and Thanksgiving day at his sister’s and family over for dinner on Saturday night! No lull before the holiday season, for sure.

PLP  014


The rest of our December story is told in our December Daily album. It’s slightly unfortunate that my face got chopped up in the photo on the right, but it could be worse. I love using big 12×12 photos to indicate a story that is told in detail elsewhere (like this week we were in Colorado)

PLP  017

Supplies used these weeks:

If you’re ready to start your own, check out How to get started with Project Life!

If you have questions about HOW I put these together, you can check out my recent posts on the process with supplies, the process with journaling, the process with photos and the process with design.

ALSO: I have recently contributed to a Big Picture Classes ebook about Project Life! It’s all about using the Project Life structure to dig a little deeper into your stories. Check out more details including a preview here!

Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to preserve your memories and record your stories in an easy way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life or check out all my Project Life posts.


December Daily: Days 26 – 31

The end! Finite! I’m done!

I love the new 6×8 album that I used this year, but (I’m not gonna lie) I was ready to be done by the afternoon of Christmas.

Changes for next year:

I will not be documenting every day. Which kind of defeats the purpose of calling it December Daily, but you know. My life is highly uneventful and having to document every single day is just way too much work and more effort than the project needs to be.

Because of that, I will not be combining with #30Lists (assuming we do a December version). I feel like this needed to be over on Christmas Day, but I still had 5 more lists to share.

I love the idea of doing a special December album, since so much happens, but I think I’ll just document the holiday-related events.

This is my third year participating in Ali Edwards’s December Daily™ memory keeping challenge. I’m trying a different method this year (I’ve used Blurb for my December Daily books in the last 2 years), with a 6×8 Snap album, printed photos, accent cards and 30 Days of Lists (December).

My #30Lists numbered cards (top right of each spread) indicates the day of December recorded.

Andrew was really sick that week, so these are basically all just at home photos.

Day 26

december  001

Day 27

december  002

Day 28

december  003

Day 29

december  004

Day 30

december  005

Day 31

december  006

Final page:

I included a 6×8 pocket to hold all the Christmas cards we got this year! It’s lovely and fat and full :)

december  007

How did your December album turn out?

Supplies (so far):