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learn how to use a blog to get what you want

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I hadn’t gotten to sleep until after midnight the night before – I didn’t even get off work until 11p. And yet early the next morning a supervisor at my job called me to ask me about a comma. Specifically to figure out who to blame for the misplacement of a comma.

And that was the moment I knew that this could not be my long-term career. Two and a half years before I was able to quit my day job, I made the decision that I want to.

Free blogging tips

For the next two and a half years I worked on BUILDing my online platform – building the community around Lemon and Raspberry, building my online income, building my online reputation. All with the eye to quitting my day job.

What do YOU want from life?

Maybe you want to be a thought-leader and become a regular guest on daytime talk shows. Maybe you want to be a reality TV star. Maybe you want to launch a business selling handmade children’s aprons. Maybe you just want a second income to be able to quit your day job soon.

Either way, you need to build a community, build a business and build your blog.

I built a blog that has helped me quit my day job – with fewer than 1000 readers and ZERO advertisers.

The Petersiks from Young House Love built a blog that can employ both of them as well as get them a book deal. Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess built a blog that can employ a whole team, get them a book deal and change their whole career trajectory.

My personal goals have been somewhat smaller, but my blog (Lemon and Raspberry) still has been the driving force behind reaching those goals and quitting my day job.

And I want to teach you to do the same.

The BUILD ecourse is for            

  • stay at home moms who want to build a side income
  • small business owners who want more sales
  • aspiring thought-leaders who want speaking gigs or book deals
  • anyone creative who wants to accomplish something

click here to registerWhatever your long-term goals are – if you want to do anything even remotely interesting or skill-based – a blog can help you reach them.

I’ve put months into crafting the BUILD self-paced blogging ecourse – complete with actionable steps, downloadable worksheets, hundreds of external resources and special BONUS video interviews.

It’s time to invest in that vision and really learn how to BUILD a blog that will be your platform for your future.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get to where you want to go with your blog
  • The most important things to consider when setting up your blog design
  • The best way to format headlines to get those readers that you want
  • The most efficient way to plan your blog content to work FOR you instead of just sucking up your time
  • How to get search engines to notice your blog
  • The best solution to getting started making money from your blog, the smallest little baby step for beginners that experts also use
  • Ideas for what content to create for each of many social media sites to help promote your blog
  • Top tips for staying out of blogger drama and ridding your life of the negativity that creative work always involves.

These and so many more are answered in the BUILD self-paced ecourse.

How does it work?

Sign-up for the free, weekly emails – get blogging tips and resources that you can use right away with no purchase necessary.


REGISTER NOW for the full ecourse

In the ecourse:

  • You’ll be able to work through the course content at your own pace and in the order that works best for your blog.
  • You’ll be guided through the starting, design, content, monetization, marketing and long-term tactics to BUILD your blog.
  • You’ll be able to download worksheets that will take you step-by-step through the strategy and tactics that are leading you to get what you want from your blog.
  • You’ll be given hundreds of external resources to see what other professional bloggers, marketers, writers and other experts say about the same subject and glean even more insight from them.

This self-paced blogging ecourse is so full and so thorough that I even go back to review some of the material.

BONUSES included:

Register 50% offExclusive discounts on blog design, SEO audits and ebook design that can help you make back almost the full cost of the ecourse

Exclusive video interviews with some of your favorite bloggers with their top tips for what they do best.

Learn how Rachel of Smile and Wave fights blogger burnout
Learn how Sarah of Yes and Yes pays her rent with advertisers
Learn how Kara of I Just Might Explode helps her clients create effectively designed blogs.
Learn how Elise Cripe of sells her stamps and mixed paper books.
Learn how Mollie of Wild Olive sells her digital products
Learn how Megan of The Nerd Nest lands her guest posts on major blogs
Learn how Kristin of rukristin papercrafts makes money with affiliate marketing
Learn how Kam of Campfire Chic builds community around her blog

 Watch a video screencast behind-the-scenes of creating a landing page for specific products and learn how it to do it yourself.

Watch a video screencast behind-the-scenes of maintaining an email newsletter list and learn how it can benefit you.

You will love the free weekly emails, and you’ll love BUILD ecourse even more.

 You’ll learn everything from goals to establish when you start, to strategy for designing your sidebars, from how to get started selling digital products from your blog, to marketing your blog through guest posts and setting your mindset for long-term blog maintenance.


Check out the full syllabus below:           


  • Choose yourself
    • Resources for choosing yourself
  • So, you’re starting a blog
  • Goals and purpose
  • Focused topics
  • Naming your blog
  • Resources for starting


  • Blogging platforms
    • Resources for blogging platforms
  • Effective design
    • BONUS: Interview with Kara Haupt of K. Haupt Creative
  • Navigation
    • Resources for navigation
  • Designing for conversion
    • Resources for blog design conversion
  • Sidebar strategy
    • Resources for sidebar strategy
  • BONUS:  Discounted site design from Kara Haupt


  • Why is your blog content important?
    • Resources on the importance of blog content
  • What is your blog’s message?
    • Resources for your blog’s message
  • What should you blog about?
    • Resources for choosing blogging topics
  • Writing pillar content
    • Resources for writing pillar content
  • Including YOU in your content
    • Resources for including YOU in your content
  • Writing your ABOUT page
    • Resources for writing your ABOUT page
  • Formatting best-practices
    • Resources for formatting
    • Search Engine Optimization
      • Resources for SEO
      • Exclusive discount: SEO site audit
  • Using images in your blog posts
    • Resources for using images in your blog posts
  • Planning and using an editorial calendar
    • Resources for using an editorial calendar
  • Accepting guest posts
  • Build trust with your readers
    • Resources for building trust with your readers


  • Getting started making money
    • Resources for getting started making money
  • Selling affiliate products
    • Resources for selling affiliate products
    • BONUS: Video interview with Kristin of rukristin papercrafts
  • Selling physical products
    • Resources for selling physical products
    • BONUS: Video interview with Elise of
  • Selling digital products
    • Resources for selling digital products
    • Resource: WishList Member plugin
    • BONUS: Video behind-the-scenes of WishList
    • BONUS: Video interview with Mollie of Wild Olive
    • Exclusive discount: ebook design
  • Selling services
  • Sponsors and advertisers
    • Resources for making money with advertising
    • BONUS: Video interview with Sarah of Yes and Yes
  • Running an affiliate program


  • Your blog’s message
  • Your ideal blog reader
    • Resources to determine your ideal blog reader
  • Content marketing
    • Resources for content marketing
  • Using social media to promote your blog
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Instagram/Flickr
    • Pinterest
    • Resources for using social media to promote your blog
  • Using video to promote your blog
    • Resources for using video to promote your blog
  • Buying ads to promote your blog
    • Resources for buying advertisement
  • Writing sales copy
    • Resources for writing sales copy
  • Calls to action
    • Resources for calls to action
  • Email marketing
    • Resources for email marketing
    • Autoresponder strategy
      • Resources for autoresponders
    • BONUS: Video behind-the-scenes of an email marketing set-up
  • Using landing pages to funnel readers
    • Resources for using landing pages
    • BONUS: Video easiest way to create a landing page
  • Basic launch strategy
    • Resources for launching products
    • How to launch the **** out of your ebook
  • Guest posting
    • Resources for guest posting
    • Connect: A Simple Template for Guest Posting
    • BONUS: Video interview with Megan of The Nerd Nest
  • Building community
    • Resources for building community
    • BONUS: Video interview with Kam of Campfire Chic
    • BONUS download: 3 ways to engage readers from Campfire Chic


  • Build your long-term strategy
  • Staying productive
    • Resources for staying productive
  • Planning for blogging breaks
  • Handling burn out
    • Resources for handling burn out
    • BONUS: Interview with Rachel of Smile and Wave
  • Dealing with negativity
    • Resources for dealing with negativity
  • Avoiding blogger drama
    • Resources for avoiding blogger drama
  • Beating creative blocks
    • Resources for beating creative blocks
  • Understanding analytics
    • Resources for site analytics
  • Collaborating and building relationships
    • Collaborating resources


 Learn how Amy quit her job

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