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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Lemon and Raspberry! L&R readers are creative, motivated women in their 20s and 30s, looking to build a great blog, tell their story through various forms of memory keeping, and be able to do their GREAT WORK.

Lemon and Raspberry is updated five to seven days a week with posts on blogging, memory keeping, self improvement and living your best life.

*August/September and February/March get higher traffic due to 30 Days of Lists*

As of June 28, 2013:

  • 8000+ pageviews for June
  • 3250+ unique viewers for June
  • 800+ subscribers
  • 500+ newsletter subscribers
  • 1000+ Twitter followers

Your blog, business or products will be included and linked at least once in my bi-weekly “a little of this a little of that” feature OR my weekly “Found” feature as appropriate.

Your sponsorship also includes 1 tweet (with link) to be provided by you upon purchase. This tweet will be posted on a weekday of my choosing to my audience of 1000+ Twitter followers

Up to 6 ads will be displayed below the search bar, above my friends’ and affiliates’ buttons.

Ad placement is subject to approval by me – I only approve blogs and companies I feel genuinely fit with my blog and audience.

Sponsored posts or newsletter entries also available. Full media kit coming.


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