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Amy Teegan

photo by Maggie Keegan Gross

Good morning!

I am Amy Teegan – oldest child, Type-A, Aries, INTJ, writer, editor, photographer, encourager, bookworm, singer, scrapbooker, Muppet superfan, cook, Netflix-addict, #hamilvangelist.

At Lemon and Raspberry I help you learn how to tell your story, build your online platform and find your GREAT WORK.

FIRST: Make sure you grab my free guide:

SHIFT: 7 ways to jump start your creativity

Shift your perspective and changing the way you see the world

All you need to do is click over and enter your email in the form and you’ll get immediate download access to the pdf ebook SHIFT.

SHIFT is full of easy, practical, ACTIONS you can take to start stimulating your creativity, and shift your way of thinking to help you see your creative projects from a new point-of-view.


You’ve got a great story and it needs to be told. No one is going to tell your story for you. But in 30 years you will be disappointed you don’t remember those details of your very first trip to New York City.

It’s about allowing yourself the time to write down your details. It’s about knowing that you’re worth it.

L&R teaches journaling tips, inspiration and encourages you to finish those projects that tell your story.


You are in no way average; You read blogs like mine because you believe you can do something special and have something GREAT to offer the world. You have something to offer. Which means you ALSO need an online platform.

Your platform can be just a site with your credits – a site-resume. On the opposite end of the spectrum, your platform could also be a frequently updated blog selling advertisements.

Either way – if you in any way want to accomplish something GREAT that involves anyone outside your immediate family, an online platform is a very effective way to do that.

My BUILD ecourse will teach you how.


You can combine your story and your online platform into your GREAT WORK. Your GREAT WORK is what you are meant to do. Your GREAT WORK is that thing that you can’t not do – even if you’re not paid for it.

You have a life purpose – whether that is taking in foster kids or starting a non-profit to help women in Iraq start businesses.

L&R will encourage you and guide you to find your GREAT WORK and put the changes in place to help you DO that work.

And just for fun: 5 random facts about me

For more goodies from me and Lemon and Raspberry:

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