Make time for MicroAdventures

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I tweeted something the other day that sounds ridiculous, but it’s still true: I plan my life around being flexible.

I get up before dawn and get right to work. I willingly answer emails on Saturday morning. I sometimes stay up late just to finish writing a chapter or researching hotels for S&S events.

I work at any time of day SO I CAN ALSO take off work any time of day.

My number one priority right now is building a life for myself when I can be flexible. My best friend here in Austin has 3 kids so I always want to be available when she can be. Another close friend has a very full schedule and can only make time to call me at random times, so I want to be able to drop everything when needed. I have at least 2, maybe 3 or more, friends coming to town the rest of this summer that I want to be around for.

It’s very important to me that my life is my own. That I can be flexible and make time for microadventures.

Want to see some examples?

(of course you do)

Mid-May my friend Garrett came to town! We did lunch and then walked around Lady Bird Lake (~5 miles in flip flops and a dress. Not my smartest decision).

That was a full Sunday….

atx  001

atx  002   atx  005

Just recently, my editor friend Kristin came and stayed with me for a week AND it happened to coincide with my writer friend Logan stopping by Austin for the weekend. They didn’t know each other at all, but all my friends are fantastic, so we had a fun, full Saturday doing Austin-y things.

Lunch at Homeslice. Amy’s Ice Cream. Then touring the state Capitol building. Coffee at BookPeople. Relaxing by Alyssa’s pool. Mexican food for dinner. Full full day.

micro  001

Logan is related to Lorenzo De Zavala, so he had ALL KINDS of history to tell us about that wasn’t on the official Capitol tour. It was adorable and hilarious and I’m so so glad I have the kind of work that I can be available at such late notice just because Logan happens to be in town.

micro  002

And one last microadventure that I made time for last week ….. Kristin didn’t have any specific plans when she came to Austin, BUT her hockey team (Pittsburgh) happened to be playing in the Stanley Cup final. !! SO we went and sat in a sports bar for a few hours so she could watch her team win!!

Nothing I ever would have thought to do myself, but I’m so so glad I was able to be available to do it with her.

(freaking adorable when they won. OMG that girl)

micro  003

All of these little microadventures have been SO FUN for me! Being able to be available when people I love want me is SO FUN for me! Knowing that friends will text me when they come to town and I can drop everything to do fun touristy things is SO FUN for me.

This has really been a magical year so far, and making time for microadventures is a bit part of that.

I have a ton more I want to do too. If you live in Austin and have ideas, let me know!

I’ve started a couple Pinterest boards here:

 What is your next microadventure?

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