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I love memory keeping. Of all kinds. I love it. But one of my very favorite personal projects that I’ve done the last few years is creating a year-long 6×8 pocket album specifically to document my goals and my progress on them.

I call this my January RESET project. I plan to create a new goal-setting album at the start every year, making myself write down the goals and document how I am hitting them. Or not.

Be sure you check out my previous pages in this project here. I started in January and tackled a different topic each of the first four weeks of the year. Beginning with reflecting on the previous year, all the way through setting goals and specific action steps.

Because you can’t hit your goals if you don’t know what the next step is. And you can’t know what the next step is until you know what is already done.

Which is why part of this year-long project is regular updates on progress. Today I want to share with you my 3-month check-in pages for January RESET. I’ve been reading The 12 Week Year and participating in my friend Clark’s (open-to-anyone) 90 Day Challenge accountability group. The idea of setting 3 month goals, and giving yourself more frequent deadlines seems to work really well to make you more productive.

Revisiting where I am with my goals on a 3 month basis is really helping me re-focus, re-prioritize and re-motivate me to get going on all of this.

Necessarily, this project requires a lot of journaling. I talk about what I want to do, what I have done, what is working or is not working, what obstacles I have had to overcome, what wins I can celebrate, and so much more.

The first couple pages of this 3-month update includes summaries of what has been accomplished so far and what I am still working on. Part of my goals are to write every day, so I’m including these 3×4 calendars to show off how many days I have been able to accomplish this (don’t judge when you scroll down and see April).

Document your goals with January RESET project

The backside of the page is just a lot of journaling about what has been happening in this year so far.

I really want to encourage you to use your own handwriting when you are journaling about personal topics like this. Not only is your handwriting a very personal, intimate aspect of YOUR story, but the actual physical act of putting a pen to paper can help you process thoughts better than typing it out. Highly recommended.

Document your goals with January RESET project

The next page opens with a selfie and a note to myself. SO much of this project is just a series of notes to myself. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One of my big goals for 2016 was to move to Texas (done) and unpack right away and make this feel like home. I’ve moved so often over the last 10 years that I have barely had a chance to feel settled anywhere. These last 3 months, the goal I have made the most progress on has definitely been my ‘make a home’ goal.

Document your goals with January RESET project

I included a couple photos to document the progress (my apartment isn’t very big). I am proud of myself for only having a few boxes to still unpack, for having bought and put together a few pieces of furniture that I needed, for making myself at home. There are still a few things I want to do, but this is good progress for 3 months.

This next page — the 4×6 photo on a 6×8 piece of white paper? I changed my mind after getting the photos together. I had intended that photo to be used in a different layout, but the more I played with it the more I liked the idea of a big 6×8 image to document this new big part of my life:

Writing dates. One of my writer friends here in Austin has invited me to a writer / working date at a local coffeeshop almost once a week since I moved here. I love it. I love having local friends to be social with, and I love knowing that those hours are set aside for working on my books (instead of everything else).

Document your goals with January RESET project

And then the other side will be another 6×8 photo (still to be printed). A new goal that I set for myself over the last month is to make physical activity a priority. I have spent so much of the last year+ just sitting. Sitting and working. Sitting and reading. Sitting an working …. Sitting and staring at the wall :)

Ok, not really, but I work at the computer so much I feel like I bruised my tailbone. So these next 90 days (as part of this accountability group) I am focusing on hitting 10k steps (on my fitbit) every single day. Once I get that habit down I may add another habit, but this photo of me and my boss on the left is of a walking work-meeting we had a few weeks ago. I love that I live in Austin now and can do this. I love that I work with people who are up for this kind of meeting. I love that I have the flexibility in my job to walk while working.

At this last bit of my 3-month check-in I made sure to list out my current status. I have several big goals for the year, and all of them are in various stages of completion. I still have several months left to work on the rest.

Document your goals with January RESET project

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Document your goals.

Whether that is a whole RESET album like mine, or a journaling card in your Project Life spread this week or a whole series of Instagram posts. Take the time to

  1. write down what your goals are and
  2. celebrate your progress on them!

We mark so many milestones in our life that just kind of happen to us — birthdays, other people’s weddings, grandchildren. It’s time to celebrate the milestones that you make happen for yourself.

Be sure you check out previous posts in my January RESET album here for ideas and inspiration!

Supplies used from Allie Scraps, Ali Edwards, Studio Calico, Kelly Purkey, Project Life.

NOTE: This project originally appeared as part of the interNational Scrapbooking Day content in the ScrapGals Facebook Group. DEFINITELY join us there!

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