Your RIGHT NOW Story: 30 Days of Lists March 2016

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What are you doing next month?

I hope it’s telling your story.

Last year at this time my life was falling apart. But I still did 30 Days of Lists as I have every March since 2011. Because I have a story. Sometimes it’s a hard story. Sometimes it’s a light story.

But it’s always my story.

Kam has written a great post about the 30 Days of List project here. The nuts & bolts and why Lists and probably answers all the questions you have.

But I want to talk about your story.

How are you making your mark? How are you recording your experiences? How are you indicating to yourself that you matter?

Because, my love, YOU MATTER. Your story is worth telling. Your weekly to-do list or your dreams for the future. All of that is worth writing down or recording in some way.

And you may not have time to make a big ol’ scrapbook, or write out your memoirs.

But I promise that you have time to make a list. Just 1 list every day for 30 days. In a community of women who are all working on recording their story in the same way.

#30Lists has this wonderful, personal magic to it. And I hope you’ll come on the journey with us.

Click here to register and join us!

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