January Reset: Let’s try that again

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New year …. New start. THANK GOODNESS!

Last year about this time I was collaborating with my friend Allie on a digital kit specifically for helping document the new RESET beginning of January. It was wonderful and I loved it.

I LOVED the intentional way I really spent time with my goals. I loved making time to reflect on the previous year. I loved giving myself the focus on RESETTING.

I loved this project for the 4 weeks I spent with it.

And then at the very end of January everything in my life changed and I was struggling with day to day stuff, let alone working on bigger goals. So I gave myself permission to give up on the RESET project. I was far too deep in the messy middle to really be resetting anything at all.

I’m not going to lie — it makes me sad to look back over those goals and action steps and think about how differently my 2015 turned out from what I had hoped.

But, on the flip side …. I am so genuinely excited about what is next. I am so so thrilled to have this opportunity to start over and reset. This January will be so much more truly a RESET than last January was.

This year will me so so much better in every way, and my January RESET project will be such a magical way to begin it and really set the tone for 2016.

You can also see some examples from Allie on her page here.

We’re both using the digital kit. It’s **super** flexible. I am using some of the cards/pages straight out of the kit, I am creating my own cards with some of the kit elements, and I’m also adding in products from other creators (Ali, Kelly, Kristin, and more)

(it’s ON SALE right now for the beginning of the project)


I will be posting about my own RESET project here on the blog in January, occasionally on Instagram, and also throughout the year on my newsletter.

Allie is also hosting an Instagram challenge throughout January and we would LOVE you to join us!

Begin your 2016 with INTENTION. Join us for a January RESET!

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