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Elise Gets Craft podcastIf you hadn’t heard, I was a guest on the Elise Gets Crafty podcast a couple weeks ago! Elise had made a remark in a blog post about how she wasn’t sure it was worth keeping her email list (of 3500+ subscribers!), and I left a comment that more or less said, “Girl. Let me help you.”

I am evangelical about email newsletters.

Everyone should have one.

I even tell my husband’s poor clients (bands and musicians) who barely even have a website and are trying to finish making their first record so they can get some live gigs.

“Yea, but do you have an email list?”

If you missed it, last year around this time I posted a short series of video chats with some coaching clients — You can watch them all here.

This podcast episode was almost the same kind of thing. Elise and I chatted about her specific audience, her specific business and I gave her specific ideas for how she could leverage her email marketing.

Listen to it here!


Reader Magnets: Build Your Audience Platform and Sell More Books on Kindle by Nick Stephenson — Geared toward fiction writers, but free to download and should give you great ideas about getting people on your newsletter and how to treat them once they are there.

People Want to Hear From You — How to get started with email marketing.

Email marketing resources — A big round-up from a couple years ago, but still so much good stuff.

P.S. Tons more email list resources in the BUILD ecourse!

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