Welcome to the 2015 Blog Party!

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Ta-da!! It’s today! The one day each year I publish a couple months’ worth of content in 24 hours!

This is now the FIFTH annual L&R New Years Day blog party! I’m so glad you’re here!

This post will live at the top all day so you can easily find the collection of links for all the posts …

Happy New Year!

ETA: The winners for all of the giveaways have been chosen and notified:

  • Anna Jacobs — Collection of Journaling Cards
  • Amy Melniczenko — Big Things Happen printable
  • Alissa Ulrich Williams — RESET digital kit
  • Amelia — One Year of Journaling subscriptions
  • Megan Woolston — Be Brave ecourse
  • Carla Carreon — BUILD ecourse
  • Claire — #30Lists bundle
  • Rachel T — Finishing Manifesto
  • Eeva Hall — Pocket Your Year class

(I really do love you all)

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  • Alissa January 2, 2015 at 7:11 am edit

    I just want to tell you Amy I really enjoy the blog party you do every year! We generally have a pretty quiet New Year’s Day and I enjoyed checking in every hour or so to see what was new here. It was great! Thanks for doing this!

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