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One of my favorite regular memory keeping projects in the last year was Thursday3 — a weekly documenting challenge from Kristin of rukristin papercrafts.

From Kristin’s Instagram: “Join me for #Thursday3! my weekly selfie photo challenge — snap a picture, caption it with 3 right-now about you facts, and tag a few friends to play along.” And be sure to tag @rukristin if you play along!

I have been lazy and distracted about documenting in 2014. I have photos from back in January 2014 that I haven’t even looked at, let alone edited. I didn’t do anything for Project Life. I successfully finished a small Week in the Life album, but probably only because I bought the kit (let’s be honest) …

And yet, in spite of all this, every Thursday Kristin or another of my friends would tag me for #Thursday3 and I would be reminded to take a selfie and jot down a couple quick notes.

I literally forgot every single Thursday until someone tagged me. I forget to tag other people. I *almost* forget to use the hashtag #thursday3.

And that’s one of the many reasons I love social media. Friends, and gentle accountability and creative challenges. Miraculous. Because of this weekly project I have a small collection of documented stories from throughout the year that I definitely would not have had without the challenge.

I post these on Instagram (on Thursdays, surprise surprise) if you’d like to follow me there! Here are a few …


And — you know what? — today is Thursday as well!

This image just went up on Instagram, but here it is too …


  1. I have had these socks since high school. True story. At least … 15 years. I have no idea how they have lasted so long without being lost or destroyed.
  2. I want to take 10,000 steps each day this year. Part of my #olw #practice2015. My pedometer counts jumps on my trampoline, so I don’t have to leave the house (hopefully)
  3. As of right now I still have a couple posts to write for my blog party (to be published tonight), but once I’m done I’m going to read Harry Potter and eat enchiladas the rest of the day.

What is your favorite creative challenge?

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  • Anna (64colorbox) January 1, 2015 at 3:35 pm edit

    I like the idea of taking a photo a day, but that feels overwhelming to me. I think a photo a week would be doable. When I say photo, I mean a proper photograph where you think about composition and lighting and such, not a snapshot. Thus the overwhelming feeling about doing one a day.

  • Nikki January 1, 2015 at 4:29 pm edit

    I did a photo a day project a few years back, but I had to make a no rules thing or I would have never finished. The point was to take my cameras out and get the best I could, but if it didn’t happen , if all I had was my phone when I remembered, if all I got that day was a snapshot, fine. It ended up being pretty fun and I decided to do one this year :)


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