Giveaway: One Year of Journaling

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one year of journaling 1 small squareMake this next year the year you journal YOUR STORY.

Your story of your everyday life right now. One year of your everyday.

Your story of the first year of you and your love – however long you’ve been together. Your first year together.

Sign-up for one (or both) of the email series and get a journaling prompt in your inbox once a week, every week for a year! You can sign up at any time and get a year of email prompts to keep you busy for 52 weeks!

Take time every week to journal part of your story – whether that is for your blog, your Project Life album, or just for yourself.

Learn more about HOW IT WORKS


Sign-up for the One Year of Everyday email series or the Our First Year email series

or ENTER THE GIVEAWAY and have a chance to win a subscription to both series!

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