December book report

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December was full of  … I dunno. A little bit of chaos. A lot of Harry Potter magic.

I have actually pushed back all my library requests from December, January and February so I can get through the books that I’ve bought and borrowedfrom friends that have been sitting around my house. The next few months of book reports *should* be full of books I own.

But in December I read …

The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker: Technically this was the November selection for the NovelTea Book Club, but I didn’t start it until the very last week, so it became a December book. It reminded me a bit of The Rise of David Lavinsky by Abraham Cahan (an 19th-century book I read in grad school). Same Jewish, NYC, immigrant experience. Only Wecker’s book also included a wide vein of Middle Eastern mysticism (I guess you would call it). The characters were interesting, the plot was creative. I really liked it.

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling: LOVE. I have been thinking about re-reading this series for several months, but I only ever want to do it in cold weather (snuggled under blankets). I read books 1-4 this month and am currently partway through book 5.

Le Fleur de Blanc by Lexi Maxxwell: Actually by my friends Sean and Johnny for their romance pen name. My first *real* marketed-as-such romance. Except, not really, because apparently they (rightly) decided to change it to the Women’s Fiction genre. It’s Chick-Lit basically. I liked it, and I would read sequels for sure. It’s about a midwestern girl who moves to a wealth L.A. suburb and starts a high-end flower shop. And has to deal with all kinds of challenges, of course, business and personal. It’s not released yet (February, I think).

Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker: This was 100% not on my radar, but it was gifted to me by a friend who I now actually work for. It was a quick, easy read (partly because I blatantly skipped over sections that I knew I wouldn’t need yet like interview questions). I would definitely recommend this book to any of you that are starting to feel like your blog or online business is getting to take over your life. Ducker owns a headhunting-for-Philipino-V.As company, but even if you don’t outsource something overseas, this book will give you a good idea of the kinds of things you CAN hire someone else to do.

*This is the last book report to be posted here on L&R! In future months these will appear on my fiction-writing site Come over and visit me there!*

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