Pillar Content Webinar now available!

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If you missed it earlier this year, I’ve just packaged up my webinar — Pillar Content: The Backbone of your Blog — for you!

This is the perfect resource to get you in the right headspace for the coming year. Very soon you will be setting your goals and resolutions for 2015 — know how your blog’s content is going to to fit in next year.

pillar content webinarIf you have a blog, your content is the heart of your online presence. The work you put out there on a daily or weekly basis is what you become known for to online readers all over the world.

Don’t you want to leverage that content to work for you again and again and again?

Grab this 1 hour, 7 minute recorded webinar that gives you all the examples and steps you need to create fantastic blog content that will bring you traffic (and income) for the long-haul.

Topics included:

  • What is Pillar Content?
  • Why you need Pillar Content
  • Examples of Pillar Content
  • How to structure and publish Pillar Content
  • How to promote Pillar Content
  • so many examples
  • action steps to take right away
  • … and so much more!

Bonus! The video includes a little bit before and after the webinar showing you how I broadcast it live.


WAIT! This video and SO MUCH MORE is in the BUILD ecourse. Upgrade to that full ecourse and learn how pillar content fits into your full online platform strategy.


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