Marketing 101: What is a call to action?

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Continuing our Marketing 101 series:

We’ve talked about the very basics of marketing, how to identify what you are offering, know how it helps people, and who those people are, how to make sure they know about it and knowing what to tell them. The next step in creating your marketing campaign is to make sure you are asking for what you want your customers to do. They need to know what the next step is.

Marketing can be boiled down to this:
Know what you’re offering, how it helps people and make sure they know about it.

Here’s how you make sure they know about it: You TELL THEM.

I know, ground-breaking. But a lot of people (ahem. Me.) forget that you actually need to be clear with your readers and customers on what you want them to do. If you want your blog reader to sign up for your newsletter, tell them about it. If you want your newsletter subscriber to buy your recent digital kit launch, ask them to. If you want your Twitter follower to retweet your link, suggest they do so.

That is a call to action.

It really doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. They just need to know what the next step is.

Practice by adding calls to action to your blog post (“Leave a comment below about _____” or “Follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes”). Review your last product or service launch, and make sure all the communication around that included a clear call to action. Add ‘call to action’ to your checklist for the future.

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What are your biggest hurdles with Calls to Action?

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