Why creators NEED a platform

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Do you do custom illustrations for tattoos? You need an online platform.

Do you make historically accurate swords? You need an online platform.

Do you write compelling and effective landing pages? You need an online platform.

Example: My husband is a recording engineer and producer. His clients are mostly L.A. punk bands, members who have part-time jobs just to pay gas money to their gigs and live 9 to a three-bedroom Silverlake house. This description is a bit exaggerated, but nonetheless accurate. Andrew is heavy into the scene and almost all his clients are word of mouth. One of his bands plays a show with another band, his name comes up, someone texts him and finds out details.

Andrew works incredibly hard. Harder than I have ever worked. He personally hits up bands he wants to work with. He’s on email and text all the time hustling with potential new clients, or previous clients to maintain the relationship. He does this all personally and I am not sure he will ever get to the point where he hands off handling inquiries to anyone else.

He is skeptical of almost all my marketing ideas for him (he usually comes around eventually), but the 1 I would not let him veto is having a website. I know it seems so not-punk-rock to have a website with a contact form and everything, but have it he must.

And now that he has a website?

He gets inquiries from France. He had a Toronto band fly all the way across the continent to work with him. There’s an Oregon band coming down in the next couple months to make a record.

Andrew is creating really really great work. His name is in the credits on record sleeves everywhere, and if some kid in France googles his name, there NEEDS to be an online platform where Andrew can be found.

There’s not much on his site, but it is THERE. About, contact, credits. Enough of an anchor for his name, because when word spreads google is where most people will go.

I genuinely don’t even care if you have a blog (in Andrew’s case, his credits perform the same function a blog would), but if you are a creative person, you need an online platform.

Do it. No excuses.

750x100_amyquit_colorP.S. I had planned to add a bunch of content to the ecourse by the end of August and raise the price, but I ran out of time! Therefore, you still have until the end of September to register at the current price before it goes up October 1

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