7 favorite creative business podcasts (+2 bonus)

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I love podcasts. The End.

Honestly, it is getting to the point where if you tell me what kind of podcast you are interested in, I can probably make a recommendation. Only, now that I no longer have a long commute I am WAY behind on my listening. No matter. At least there is always something interesting for me to listen to!

Today, some of my favorite creative business podcasts for you to get started with. While you are driving or running or doing the dishes. I listen to one while I’m in the shower and getting ready for the day, even.

I know at least 1 of these will speak to you!

Elise Gets Crafty : One of my favorite bloggers, Elise Blaha Cripe, started this weekly podcast just earlier this year. Episodes are mostly interviews, but Elise also has jumped on the mic to just talk out what is going on in her own business. She does a great job of using each episode to learn herself, along with the listener, so each episode is highly engaging. Bonus: I was a guest on episode 6!

The Lede from Copyblogger: Lots of great copywriting tips. I mean, it’s from Copyblogger, how can they help it? But they also touch on content marketing, email marketing, conversion and other good nuts and bolts of running an online business.

Smart Passive Income: Pat Flynn’s first and most popular podcast. Weekly, hour+ long interviews with other entrepreneurs and experts. I love Pat Flynn’s story and I love how genuine he is always. He is not just someone who teaches about online business but is actually launching new sites and trying out strategies himself.2014-09-08 12.14.38

Ask Pat: Another Pat Flynn podcast. Daily, based on listener questions and much much shorter. Super consumable. I listen to 2 or 3 while I’m in the shower and getting ready for the day.

Entrepreneur On Fire: Daily podcast, hour-ish-long interviews with entrepreneurs. It’s all great, but it’s like a firehose of information so I just pick and choose which episodes I listen to.

Suitcase Entrepreneur: Weekly, roughly 30 minute, interviews with other entrepreneurs. Natalie is super smart, and I would *love* to be able to travel more and work from the road, so this is a great resource for me. I haven’t listened to a ton of these, but they are definitely in the queue.

Self-Publishing Podcast: Self-publishing-specific (you might have guessed), but all 3 hosts self-publish fiction so they are all talking from experience. If you want to publish at all (fiction or non), this is a great place to start and think about your options.

Bonus: Podcasts I am subscribed to but have not yet listened to yet:

Converge – The Business of Creativity: Hosted by photographer Dane Sanders. These episodes are interviews with photographers and other creative business people. I like Dane a lot and I think he is super smart.

The Fizzle Show: Hosted by 3 guys that are mentioned in several of the other podcasts or blogs I follow. Their tagline is ‘a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders.’

What is your favorite creative business podcast?

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