New to 30Lists? How to get started

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30 Days of Lists albumsWe already have hundreds of Listers signed up for September and so many of them are new Listers!

This is so exciting! I love feeling like our evangelizing is bringing more people into the fold!

This round I’m going to go out on a limb and try to do this listing challenge in digital. Kinda scary. I’m not a digital scrapbooker, but the exclusive #30Lists kit that Allie designed is so fantastic, so thorough and so easy to use that I NEED to try.

If this is your first time Listing with us, you might have some questions.

Here’s how to get started with 30 Days of Lists

Should prep a book beforehand or not?

Yes, probably.

If you are planning on doing your lists physically (with actual pen and paper, instead of a digital image/file), then doing the prep work ahead of time will help you stay caught up throughout the month.

Imagine waking up, seeing the list prompt, and then ALSO having to find just the right shade of paper or embellishments that “go” as well as figuring out how to bind them all together AND still writing out your list, sharing it on social media (if you choose to) AND still doing whatever you were supposed to do that day.

Much easier to prep a blank book ahead of time with at least 30 pages. That saves your creativity and brain space for the actual listing challenge.

Should I look at the lists beforehand or not?

Ah, spoilers. Do you like them? Do you despise them?

Interestingly, since I run the challenge I have never NOT known what the prompts are ahead of time. This is such a personal decision (not unlike book or movie spoilers), that I can’t answer for you.

I can, however, promise that you don’t NEED to look at the lists ahead of time. There is no prompt that needs ahead-of-time preparation. If you like the thrill of the new every morning, you absolutely can just wait for each day’s list prompt to be posted.

How do I not hate myself when I get behind?

(hat tip to Kristin for this brilliantly worded question)

There’s a reason that Kam and I only do this challenge every 6 months. It needs to be easy. It needs to be doable. It needs to be something that can be done any time so if you get behind during the month, you can just as easily work on it the next month or the month after that.

Kam always says, ‘We never said it has to 30 consecutive days.’ Don’t worry about guilt for a project as small as this.

Things to do with your LISTS:

  • Add one list weekly to your Project Life layouts. Those 3×4 pockets are the perfect size for a quickly jotted list of memories or things in your life
  • Blog your lists – daily, weekly, monthly. Put them out there and be amazed at how much your readers have in common with you.
  • Make a minibook or Blurb book full of your lists. Perfect format for kids or guests to flip through on the coffee table and bond over your list of favorite childhood memories.
  • Art journal, digi-design or just write them down. Share them on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or the Flickr group or your social media outlet of choice.
  • Just write them for yourself. Not everything has to be shared – sometimes private journaling of lists can be the most rewarding.
  • Take a look at the Pinterest board for more examples and ideas

And then as soon as you have registered for September’s challenge, you can visit other Listers’ blogs or Instagrams (we have a Community page where everyone is introducing themselves) AND join the private Facebook group and share your work!

The community of Listers is one of the best parts of running this challenge. We have made so many like-minded creative friends through the last couple years.

Makes me so happy!

30 Days of Lists albums

Will you be joining us in September?

P.S. How to get started with Project Life

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  • Emily Dismukes August 25, 2014 at 5:41 am edit

    I think the “not 30 consecutive days” thing is key. I’ve listed twice and neither time did I finish within the month – but I did finish! 30 Days of Lists is one of the few “follow along online” projects I’ve actually followed through on. There’s just something special about it.

    I haven’t decided if I’m participating in September. I want to, but I haven’t registered yet. We’ll see. I may just repeat last September’s lists – I think it would be fun to compare my answers to last year’s. Hmm.

  • Nicole Smith August 25, 2014 at 8:20 am edit

    I am a new lister and found this so helpful. Thank you!

  • Melanie - but you can call me Mel! August 25, 2014 at 11:09 pm edit

    I am also new to this and have registered. However I am confused as to where to find the prompts. Where is the blog? I have subscribed and confirmed for the email list but nowhere do I see a blog link….
    Please help.


  • Amy T Schubert August 26, 2014 at 7:31 am edit

    Hi Melanie! Signing up for the email list and registering for September’s challenge are 2 different things.

    You can register here:

    Let me know if you have any trouble! Thanks!


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