August is for …

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  • Marathoning The Killing season 4 today!
  • Registration for 30 Days of Lists opens (!!)
  • Practice my digital scrapbooking as I use Allie’s kit
  • Building a niche site live online
  • Work on more travel albums for content for that site
  • Surprise day trip for Andrew (Lord knows when, though. We keep having to put it off)
  • 2+ day live virtual retreat for BUILDers
  • Finish the first draft of the novel I’m currently working on (Aug 17 is the goal, which gives it 6 weeks total)
  • Brainstorm the next novel to start (planning on starting editing of all these drafts in October or November)
  • Help Maggie start planning for our busy holiday season
  • Help Andrew build out his new studio space (can’t wait to tell you about it!)
  • Finish putting the final touches on my author site (and launch it)
  • repaint a bookshelf
  • teach myself how to use Andrew’s new grill

P.S. I’ll be working on all this, but really all I ever want to do is read

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