Connect Guest Blogging ebook redesigned!

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Connect: Guest posting templateGood news! Another one of my ebooks has now been redesigned by Alexandra Rae Design to match L&R branding!

I could not be happier.

Grab yours: Connect: A simple template to make guest posting work for you

I love the practice of guest posting – both giving and receiving. In the 6+ years I’ve been blogging, I’ve have DEFINITELY found guest posting to be one of the most effective ways of promoting my site.

Guest posts are valuable as marketing, as a form of networking or as just a way of connecting with a new audience.

When pitching your guest post, what is the best way to make that post work for YOU – instead of just the blog’s owner?

Guest posting can be used for

  • Marketing. Growing your audience, gaining a few more customers, increasing your visibility.
  • Networking. You will start to connect with new readers and other blog authors and start to gain name recognition in your little industry
  • Practice. Practice practice practice. Writing well takes practice and the more you do it the better you will be.

I try to brainstorm a guest post whenever I’m sponsoring a site, as well as every couple months in between sponsoring a site.

But any guest post I write, I always have a goal. I always have a reason for the guest post. And I always give that new audience a reason to come visit Lemon and Raspberry. And it has WORKED. Worked to grow my audience (in REAL numbers). Worked to make sales (tracked directly to guest posts).

I figure, if it’s working for me if can work for you too ….

Written by me and designed by Allie Trumpower, Connect contains the basic structure to help you build a guest post that both connects with new readers, and guides them to follow-up with you to help grow your business or blog audience.

The simple structure outlined in this pdf is easy-to-use and perfectly adaptable to any subject or niche you may be blogging about.

This guest post template – Connect – gives specific steps to crafting a guest post that is both promotional for your new product or service, but also intimately connects with the reader in a way that does not feel “salesy”.

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Download yours and let me know if you have questions and how guest posting has worked for you!

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  • Kam July 23, 2014 at 10:15 am edit

    I still refer to this ebook when I am settling in to brainstorm a guest blog post. I like how it helps me look at the post in a bird’s-eye-view sort of way because I can sometimes fall into the trap of not seeing the bigger picture with opportunities like guest posting.

    The new cover looks great :)

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