NURTURE: Resting and resetting

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I am taking next week off from Lemon and Raspberry.

hammockI haven’t done this in AWHILE. Whenever I go on a proper vacation, I have always just worked ahead so posts went up while I was gone.

But I feel like this is something I need to try. I am now halfway through my year to NURTURE, and I really feel like this is the perfect time to rest and reset. Nurturing can be working more on the things I already have in my life, but it can also be stepping back from other commitments. Just taking a break.

I don’t have anything specific planned. I’ll get a little bit ahead for the following week. I’ll read and think and plan and reboot. And probably plan some more, because that is what I do.

I need to get some distance from the every-day-content-creation that I’ve been on for so long.

And then I’ll probably redo all of my SPARK ecourse tasks when I start up again.

We’ll call it a reward for my 1 year quit-eversary. We’ll call it an experiment. We are not going on a proper vacation this year, but next week is a holiday in the U.S. and Andrew’s birthday, so why not. I have no idea how this will go, but I think this is the time to try.

Come back on July 7 for my June book report! And I’ll be sure to let you know how this brain-nurturing-break goes.

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