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In the last week around here …

… my strawberry plant is not doing very well. I moved it so it gets less sun. We’ll see.

… I spent $5 on the recent This American Life live show. I love Lin-Manuel Miranda with all my heart, so have been very excited about this!

… I photographed a last-minute wedding on Saturday. Harassed by a groomsman and spent Sunday *exhausted*. Not sure I ever want to shoot a wedding again.

… Found out we might actually get to go on a mini vacation this summer. Not 100% sure on details yet, but I’m excited!

Maggie placed a large ad this week, so I’m expecting to be busier in the next few days!

… I’m joining Kristin’s book club! I love reading.

… Andrew is having a rough week. Not limited to a homeless drug addict attacking his employees.

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  • Kristin | My Life as a Teacup June 27, 2014 at 4:47 am edit

    The HP from Draco’s perspective was fabulous!! (and thanks for the mention!)

  • Hannah June 27, 2014 at 11:40 pm edit

    Chris has days sort of like that. One ended with calling an ambulance for a guy who’d been into the cafe he works at. We know the guy and he’d been doing so well and had been on the wagon for months. Something happened and he fell off epically. Chris saw him and tried to calm him down but somewhere in what was going on the guy started throwing up and stopped breathing. Chris had to do CPR (or at least the compression bits) and call the ambulance. Our friend came to but refused to go in the ambulance.

    Thankfully he did week medical advice a few days later and it turned out his anti-depressants weren’t doing their job so they were adjusted and the doctor said that if he didn’t stop drinking his lung could collapse and he could die.

  • Angie July 6, 2014 at 4:06 am edit

    Oh, I hope your strawberry plant survives!


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