Nurture: One Little Word update

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2014 is my year to NURTURE. I need to slow down, cut back, get to know my new life without a cubicle job and so much more.

It’s been lovely and relaxing. And (no surprise) makes me feel lazy. After years of working a full-time+ job AND running L&R AND launching new products on a regular basis, pulling WAY back like this has provided me so much more free time reading time than ever before.

This is my vision board for the year – although, can you really call it a vision board when it’s really just 8.5×11″? I wanted it to fit into my One Little Word binder AND I don’t have a ton of magazines that are cut-up-able so I went with the smaller size:


I think all of these images are from Sunset Magazine (I love that mag). You can see lots of images of green and the outdoors. I have been so excited about starting my garden this year! And getting out with Kam and plans to do some fun outdoorsy trips with Andrew later. It has been great making that a priority.

You can also see a lovely luxurious bed – unapologetic about naps this year. Also, an art museum and a reading bench. Because lord knows I want to just learn and absorb everything I can.

I have genuinely loved giving myself a break for the last 4.5 months, not feeling guilty about spending the afternoon reading or not setting aggressive deadlines.

This is totally the word I needed this year.

How is your 2014 One Little Word going?

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  • Kam May 28, 2014 at 10:07 pm edit

    I used Sunset Magazines for mine, too! They have such beautiful images and I think that it being specific to “The West” makes it so perfect for us.

    I’m happy that you are taking your OLW seriously, going from full throttle before leaving your job to designing your own life was probably super different. Do you feel like your schedule will shift during the summer or will you continue to work with your current schedule?

  • Lisa @ The Creative Canvass December 15, 2014 at 11:11 pm edit


    Just stumbled across this, my OLW for 2014 is Create and so far so good. I’m looking forward to seeing what your OLW is for this year, I can’t wait to choose a new one.


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