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Why is it so hard to write about yourself? Is it because we’re not comfortable “bragging” or maybe because we only see the crazy interior and don’t have a good grasp of what others see? Whatever it is, some kind of mental block consistently keeps me from writing about myself. If it’s an About Page or a short bio for a guest post or even just my little bio blurb on Twitter, I put it off and put it off.

But, if we’re going to have an online platform … if we’re going to try to leverage the internet to create something amazing, we really do need to pay proper attention to our bios.

Do this today: SCHEDULE an hour or so in the next week to look over your bios online or prepared for other use and identify which ones need to be updated.

Look for:

  • Typos, spelling and punctuation errors. Chances are you didn’t really look over your bio after you wrote it initially so give it a good once-over. Editing is critical.
  • Hints of your own personality. You need to include YOU in your online presence, so try to stay away from being too formal, jargony or otherwise disconnected from the reader.
  • Out-dated photographs. On your About Page especially, make sure you’re including a photo of YOU that looks like you. Not what you look like with a camera in front of your face. Not what you looked like on your wedding day. Just a current, simple photo of you.
  • Out-dated references. Either pop-culture jokes that make you look out of touch. Or a reference to your age (or children’s ages) that is no longer correct. Any other fact that you included in your original bio should be reviewed in case anything has changed
  • Your Call to Action. You should include a link to sign up for your newsletter, or follow you on Twitter or read your top blog posts or SOMETHING. If someone is reading all the way through your bio, make sure you give them something more to do when they are done.

Don’t forget to put it on your calendar because this must get done! You can’t get new readers excited about your blog if it’s obvious YOU don’t even pay attention to it!

For more, be sure you check out Kam’s ebook and workbook About You.

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