One Little Word: January

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The beginning of any year is always my favorite. I’m a planner, so I love love love just researching and day dreaming and lining up to-dos of how I want the rest of my year to look. So, of course, I am 100% all-in with the January prompt for Ali Edwards’ One Little Word® workshop.

For this first month, Ali provides a few handouts to help us establish our word, our intentions and a little inspiration to start the year off right. I’ll be simply adding these pages to the same 8.5×11 binder that last year’s BRAVE exercises are in.

First page:

One Little Word - NurtureNote: The loose cards on the right will go in the back side of the page protector on the left.

In Ali’s personal example, she uses a transparency for that top 8×5″ pocket. I don’t have any transparencies, so I went with simple paper layering. The back side of that pocket is currently just white, but since one of my goals this year is to do something with our backyard, I’m hoping to have a decent garden-y, growing, backyard photo to add sometime later in the year.

You’ll also notice the bottom left pocket is empty … I don’t really have any recent photos of *just* me that I like. No one ever takes them of me. So I need to either think about a self-portrait, or get Andrew to take one. We’ll see. Still thinking about it.

The remaining 3 4×6 cards are all from the handout. Defining my word, a short essay on why I chose it, and a related quote.

I *love* the quote I found: “Everybody needs beauty, as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” – John Muir. It doesn’t actually use my word NURTURE, but it expresses my overall intention with choosing this word.

Second page:

One Little Word - Nurture intentions

These will just go back-to-back in a single page protector.

These prompts are more about being specific in your intentions and goals for the year. Thinking about what you want to add to your life with this word. Thinking about the direction you want this word to take you. Thinking about what you are hoping for.

A lot of this is a combination of what I wrote about here and what I had in mind when I created these.

One random takeaway from looking at these pages: I’m starting to like my handwriting more and more.


For more about my 2014 One Little Word, check out my NURTURE posts

What are you hoping for this year?

P.S. My fellow Americans, happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day!

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