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  • Currently reading The Focus Manifesto – are you?
  • Awesome discussion in the book club Facebook group!
  • I edited this book – Creating Joy – now available on Amazon. I haven’t actually seen the FINAL version (after my 2nd round of notes), but I think I helped them a lot from their first draft.
  • I had a big annual review meeting with Maggie last week … and then I dreamt about her business. Weird.
  • 28 reasons Claire Huxtable is perfection embodied
  • We’ve been rewatching The Office season 8 (to prep to watch season 9 for the first time). Andy is my favorite character. Ever since season 3 when we learned he was in an a capella group called ‘Here Comes Treble’
  • I love Kyla’s new blog design! Currently thinking about my next one. It’s just percolating, though. Will still be at least a year before I change anything.
  • I think I might actually finish a couple projects this month! It’s miraculous!
  • 30 Days of Lists announcements coming soon!
  • Question: Any tips for sleeping? I fall asleep fine the same time every night, but get woken up very easily and then have a hard time falling back asleep. Suggestions?
  • I’ve been getting the travel itch recently.
  • Who am I kidding? I ALWAYS have the travel itch.
  • I will be visiting an old mining town this weekend. Follow me on Instagram for photos and updates!



One Year of JournalingAlissa Ulrich Williams

BUILD ecourseCindy Ochoa

30 Lists Sara M Brink

be BRAVE ecourseTanu

*I have already contacted each winner via email

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  • Clothilde January 14, 2014 at 5:34 am edit

    Orange blossom water on a sugar when you can’t sleep…works for me, and it tastes good! 😉

  • Nancy January 15, 2014 at 5:09 pm edit

    I think I know who you inherited the “travel itch” from. I’m glad it’s contagious.

    For sleeping, I heard that the issue you describes happens when people have too much caffeine during the day. It makes sleeping less deep and more restless. I drink a small glass of warm milk when I can’t get back to sleep and it always helps.


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