2014 One Little Word: NURTURE

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Choosing BRAVE as my One Little Word in 2013 changed my life.

Actually, to be honest, it was probably more the paying money for Ali’s class that really held me accountable to focusing on the word that really changed my life.

But I am at least 15x* happier than I was at this time last year …. all because I was BRAVE. I had chosen OLWs before, but I didn’t really know what to do with them or what they meant to me, so they didn’t do much. But now I know. Now I can keep the word as a mantra and go through Ali’s exercises and keep a book that reflects how I am letting the word speak to me throughout the year. There was never a question that I wouldn’t participate in this challenge in 2014.

If you have watched my consulting call with Kristin, you know that over the next year my intention is to basically just work with what I have. I don’t have plans to take any big brave steps (like launching a giant blogging ecourse), but instead I just want to make what I am doing now work better.

I started thinking about this back in …. July? Right about the time I launched BUILD, as a matter of fact.

I was thinking about how much work I put into BUILD, about how statistically most sales come ON launch day, and about what I needed to do to change that. I had been thinking about my email list for awhile, wanting to refocus on that …. and frankly I was just feeling mentally exhausted from the cycle of creating new products every few months. I knew there was a better way to do this.


I wanted to grow where I was already planted, instead of trying to advance advance advance. But more than just grow …. I needed to NURTURE what I already have. What I know is working for me. What I don’t want to lose, but I want to take care of and encourage.

NURTURE: to care for and encourage the growth or development of

This year I will NURTURE:

My relationships. I work a lot and I’m bad at email and I want to be better at keeping and nurturing the love in my life.

My business. I have a lot going on under the L&R brand and I could be leveraging it all to reach more readers, help more people build their platform, help more women tell their stories, or find their great work. I want to grow what I have and nurture those who read me.

My home. I love our house and we’ve finally gotten to the point where all the work that *needs* to be done is done. It’s just fixing and polishing and nurturing now. Related: I want to start a garden in 2014. Nurturing in my own backyard.

My brain. I read a lot, yes, but I want to read more. Read deeper. Read things that influence my life directly. Part of this will be doing research for the novel I’m working on. Part of this will be nurturing my understanding of certain topics that fascinate me and I want to learn more about.

My health. I have been … not hating my #mileadays in December. I didn’t love them – I don’t know if I will every love working out – but I did manage to find half an hour to do it nearly every day. I’d like to continue being active, continuing to cut back on sugar and in other ways nurture my health.

… and more ….

What is your ONE LITTLE WORD this year?

*rough estimate

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