How to be brave

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This last year has been amazing …. and I attribute it all to my focus on being BRAVE.

I knew I had a lot of BIG things I wanted to do this year, so when I went about choosing my One Little Word, I went with an action word. A mantra. Something that would get me going and not provide any excuses.

I’m pretty good at talking myself out of things. But publicly committing to BRAVE helped stem that tendency this year.

I’m not saying it was easy – how could it be? I’m saying that for the times that I DID get over my fears and take BRAVE steps, the reward was more than worth the uncomfortable, paralyzing, anxiety-inducing choices I made.

And now, a year later? BRAVE is my One Little Word for LIFE. Yes, I have chosen a new OLW for 2014, but BRAVE will still be my mantra. It will be my measuring stick against which I judge my choices.

In 2014 I’m going to be BRAVE and I’d like to invite you to be as well.

Here’s how to start:

be braveMake a list of the things that remind you to be brave.

This is what I call ‘tricking my brain’ into being logical. This list can be people you want to be proud of you, or end results you’re working toward or what you have been able to accomplish already. Or anything else that tells your brain that being brave is the right decision, even the fear of doing it makes your heart race.

┬áIf you’re afraid of taking the step that will grow your business, remember that you have customers that want to pay you for what you can offer them. If you’re afraid your readers will think you’re a ‘fraud,’ remind yourself of all the people who know you well and love you for who you are.

If you’re afraid you might fail, remind yourself that you probably will at least once and that nothing will ever chance unless you try. If you’re afraid of missing out on something if you commit to something else, remind yourself that nothing is forever and you can always change course if you *really* want to.

And then ACT in spite of the fear. Just do it. Just go. Just jump. You’ve got all your reasons why you should act written right in front of you. It’s always going to be scary and uncomfortable so there’s no use putting your life on hold to hope for something else.

The New Year is coming up soon! How will you meet it? Be ready and willing to be BRAVE and change your life!

I’m working on a mini, self-paced ecourse tentatively titled be BRAVE, to be released January 1! Look for that next week if you want to kickstart your next year in a big way!

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  • Kait January 11, 2014 at 10:28 pm edit

    Alright. Bravery for 2014. It’s (obviously) scary, but I am going to join you on this one! It’s time to just dive in.

    Aaaaand, given your theme and the little ecourse you’ve got going, I thought you might appreciate this CreativeMorning talk on bravery from a Navy Seal — I found him very earnest in his efforts (it gets particularly good during the Q&A at the end).

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