What is the secret to extreme productivity?

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Not gonna lie, I can be super productive. I built a side income while working fulltime+ and taking care of our new house…. and ‘how to be more productive’ is one of the most common questions I get from my coaching clients.

Want to know the secret of extreme productivity?

——-> Make your habits support your priorities <———

Don’t tell me you want to build an income from your blog but don’t have time – when I know you are just choosing to marathon TV shows instead.

Don’t tell me you want to learn to photograph in manual mode – when I know you haven’t picked it up in months.

Don’t tell me you’re going to be an author – when you don’t write anything besides emails.


It just comes down to PRIORITIES. Do you habits support your goals, or are you letting other priorities get in the way?

It is totally fine to be partying instead of working on a Saturday. Just know that means you are making your friendships a priority over whatever goal your work would help you reach.

How you spend your time and money is totally up to you. It is YOUR decision and is 100% valid – unless, of course, you are going around telling people about this big project you’re going to start soon. If said project is a priority, you would be doing it already.

Example: I want to write. It took me 30 years to figure it out, but it turns out I want to write books. Fiction and non- … I have several ideas, as well as the requisite romanticized version of what it will mean when I am a ‘Writer.’ BUT – truth time –  I haven’t worked on my novel in a week. For a variety of reasons, including the fact that I know it’s a mess and will require a major rewrite.

 Example #2: We don’t have a ton of nice things. We’re still using TV trays as bedside tables. Why? Because our priorities are elsewhere. My husband and I chose to spend our money on buying the house and keeping expenses low so I could quit my day job. Which means we saved all the money that we could easily spend on bedside tables, nice dining room set, living room rug, guest room bed, etc etc etc. Our priorities do not match buying all that stuff.

So! This week, as you start thinking about New Years resolutions and goals ….

*Take a look at what you tell people you want. …  and think long and hard about if you REALLY want that

*Take a look at your weekly schedule and if your actions, habits and tasks throughout the week actually support that goal.

*Adjust your schedule as needed.

For me …. I have WRITE (in all caps) scheduled for 2 hours, first thing in the morning every day forever and ever. Which is easy to do with Google Calendar.

This next week I’m going to use those hours to adjust my outline, story structure and figure out what it is that is missing (there’s something missing), so the week after I can get back to writing. So I can finish this draft. So I can revise the draft. So I can re-revise the draft. So I can submit it to agents. So I can hopefully get it published. So I can be an AUTHOR.

Maybe you need to block off one night a week after you get home from work to blog for the following week. Maybe you need to cancel your Saturday plans so you can spend some time going in-depth with your live-workshop planning. Maybe just serve your family leftovers all week so you have that little bit of extra time to just figure out what your REAL goals are.

Creating daily habits that support your goals doesn’t mean you can never change your mind. It does mean that you need to be honest about what those goals are. You can make amazing progress and be off-the-charts productive if you are clear on the end goal and adjust your habits accordingly.

There are always little pockets of time you can find. And if you have your priorities straight, your habits can support those and you can take over the world!


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  • Kelsey December 16, 2013 at 9:44 am edit

    This really resonates with me! I am working towards being able to work for myself and do my creative work and so I practice this very thing. Right now it requires that I stay up to put in a few hours working on my blog and e course. Which is tough because my baby son still wakes a few times a night so those extra hours of sleep would be so nice! And I also use my pumping breaks to work on my creative endeavors. The things I don’t do in order to make time are not watch television and try to not commit to many social gatherings. I think I could not check social media as much too and gain some time there as well – such a hard habit to break! Sometimes it’s so hard because I would love to just have time to relax and do nothing but I know that I can’t make my dreams come true without hard work.

  • Amy T Schubert December 16, 2013 at 9:48 am edit

    Amen, Kelsey :)

    It’s getting to be quite funny how many times I have to say “I don’t watch TV” when meeting new people or seeing old friends. “No, I haven’t seen Breaking Bad” haha!

    It feels SO good to complete something, though, and you really won’t even miss all the FB updates that may have happened while you were busy creating :)

    good luck!! Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate!


  • Kay Nyman December 17, 2013 at 6:04 am edit

    I love this post! This was something that I started figuring out this year with my art. If I want more exposure, and I want to increase commissions and sales, then I need to be the one to take the time to work on it! So I did! Other priorities (like my 3 year old daughter) obviously come first, but now when I have free time, 90% of it is dedicated to artwork. Which feels GREAT! Using a calendar (though I’m old fashioned and still use a pen and paper planner haha!) has helped greatly – visually seeing my time laid out takes away some stress as I don’t constantly feel like time is getting away from me. Now I know I have the dedication to meet my goals for next year!

  • Amy T Schubert December 17, 2013 at 11:08 am edit

    Thanks so much Kay!

    I totally agree that visually seeing my time laid out and how much I am alotting each task (and how much time I have that I can’t say that I did anything) has been *so* helpful in being more productive.

    I love Google Calendar because I can set automatically recurring tasks (like monthly newsletters or vacuuming) and because I can just drag and drop tasks if I need to move them around.

    Good luck!! xo

  • Sharon January 12, 2014 at 3:12 pm edit

    Its interesting that my mother told us that we can be or do anything we want, if we want it bad enough. The message was loud and clear and here it is with a third generation promoting that one positive thought. Amazing how it all works and fits together from one generation to the next and onward and upward to others.


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