Marketing 101: How are you helping?

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Continuing our Marketing 101 series:

We’ve talked about the very basics of marketing and how to identify what you are offering. The next step in creating your marketing campaign is to identify how your offer helps someone. Know what problem are you solving and how you can actually help them change something in their life.

Marketing can be boiled down to this:
Know what you’re offering, how it helps people and make sure they know about it.

In fact, go back and read the Features vs Benefits post – the benefits of your offer would be how it would help the customer.

When you’re figuring out your offer and how to market it to customers, think very carefully about exactly what problem you are actually helping with.

For example, if you are a lifestyle blogger, you may assume you are providing fashion inspiration or occasional recipes, but in reality you are really just offering entertainment and you are “helping” your readers find some kind of mental escape in their otherwise busy day.

If you are an SEO consultant, your offer is a website audit and personalized recommendations for optimizing the site for search engines. You are “helping” your clients best optimize their site to get more exposure and traffic for their website, which in turn will help them reach more customers, make more money and build a successful business.

If you are a scrapbook supply retailer, your offer is the most recent release from American Crafts, Echo Park Paper, Project Life, etc, and you are “helping” your customers access the best selection of supplies that will help them record their memories in an artistic way that fits their style.

Of course, keep in mind that how you are helping might not go word-for-word into any advertising copy. You probably won’t say “Come read my blog to entertain yourself and forget your problems” … but you might use words like “funny” “amusing” or “captivating” in your tagline. On the other hand, if you are an SEO consultant and are helping your clients build successful businesses, you can always bring in case studies or testimonials that reflect that very thing.

So figure out why your offer is worth something – what are the benefits of what you can offer and how are you actually helping people? THAT is one of the fundamentals of Marketing 101.

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