O&U 2013: pre-registration opens tomorrow

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The 2013 Onward and Upward workshop pre-registration opens September 9 (for newsletter subscribers ONLY). I’ll be sending out the email tomorrow morning with the link to pre-register at 35% off! (Pre-reg sign up will be available for any new subscribers for the next couple weeks too)

2012 alumnus Amy said:

Onward & Upward is a great e-course, and Amy has put a lot of thought and time into putting it together. There’s a plethora of resources from books to read, articles, blog posts, and interviews with other bloggers that expanded my view on what it means to be successful. Amy has inspired me to keep moving forward in my life, and to not get stuck in a rut.

Make sure you’re signed up to get tomorrow’s email – not only will you get in early and get to meet your fellow workshop attendees, but you will ALSO get:

… all just for registering before September 22!

If discounts and free consulting and free ebooks aren’t your style, you can wait until September 23 when registration opens for everyone.

2012 alumnus Helen said:

[I learned that] There are many unconventional ways to make money/jobs via the internet.

I got off my butt and figured out how to make a blog and I now have a simple little blog going. I hope to improve upon it overtime and I was inspired to do it via this course.

Workshop begins Oct 7

This version is even bigger and better than previous years’. The course runs for 11 weeks, with 2 weeks “off” (the 4th week and the 8th week) to catch up, think, simmer, etc. PLUS I’m adding 1 week of content covering self-care (sleeping, eating, finance)


Week one: Foundation (October 7-12)
You gotta get healthy to begin with if you’re going to be able to focus on the rest of your life. Basic Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This week we’ll talk about sleep, food, staying fit(ish) and overall self-care.

Weeks two and three: You can change your life (October 13-26)
We’ll discuss the big ideas like how do you want to be remembered when you die and the risk of challenging assumptions. This will be the first step in moving through the rest of the workshop and it is not for the faint-of-heart.

WEEK OFF (October 27 – November 2)

Week four: Commit 
The second week we will be focusing on the realities and the real work that are involved in changing your life. Watching another reality show is not going to cut it. We’ll commit to ourselves, and commit to being accountable to each other. This is the week that being part of a group will really pay off (and why I may need to limit the workshop size)

Weeks five and six: Find your passion 
The third week we will start getting more specific in the direction we want to take. We’ll look at our ideal days and discuss what our cause or message might be – anything from being a mom to being a crusading environmentalist.

WEEK OFF (November 24 – 30)

Week seven: Make it awesome 
During this week, we’ll talk about different inspirations and methods of doing our GREAT WORK. Maybe a charity can use your skills, maybe you are leaning toward starting a business. This week is about finding a new and memorable way to make your mark.

Week eight: Get it done 
This week is about productivity. It’s about committing to the next step. It’s about FINISHING.

Week nine: Onward and upward
During the final week of Onward and Upward, we’ll talk about continuing the commitment and how to stay out of the drudge and plateaus that may have kept you down in the past.

 Still not convinced? Check out the FAQs here or, 2011 AND 2012 alumn Kam said:

This started during the perfect time at work for me…a down time…And when I was saying yes to too many things and none of those things were going to help me with my GREAT WORK. This workshop has helped me get my mind back on track and even one of the resources reminded me that I can say no without being mean.

 Can’t wait to see you in the workshop! Make sure you sign up to get the pre-registration price!

Onward and Upward workshop

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  • Kam September 9, 2013 at 11:00 pm edit

    I’m really excited that you’re bringing O&U back again this year! This will be my THIRD time participating and I’m looking forward to the “self-care” portion of the workshop and that there are two weeks off to think about things…probably a great time for folks to set aside time to review plans/work of fellow O&Uers? I like this workshop because I don’t feel like anybody’s judging me and I certainly don’t feel like I need to “fit in” because that’s the point — O&Uers don’t want to fit in, they wan to do their GREAT WORK.

  • Amy T Schubert September 14, 2013 at 8:49 am edit

    YAY! Welcome back :)
    I feel like the self-care portion could be every other week sprinkled throughout but I’ll try to rein it in :)

  • Rachel September 19, 2013 at 10:21 am edit

    Hi Amy!

    Just found your site and it’s great! I’d love to take this class and I signed up for the newsletter (just a few moments ago). Will I have to wait until Sep 23 for registration to open up? And can you tell me what the full price is?

    Thanks so much!



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