Telling my story: #cubiclelife minibook

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A chapter of my life closed in June.

Even if I someday go back to a full-time office job, it won’t be at the same place, so I decided to make a minibook of a few of the day-job-stories before they’re all gone from my memory.

For the book structure and binding, I used rukristin papercrafts’ minibook workshop Fold It In. I had never seen this style of minibook binding before and I love how easy it is.

I put the base of the book together one night, using just paper from my existing stash, while Andrew and I were marathoning Parks and Rec.

The content of the minibook is primarily photos taken during various Day in the Life challenges in the first few months of the year, and journaling from some of my One Year of Everyday journaling series.

I can’t tell you how easy it was to put this all together with so much of the work already done. I didn’t have to go shopping, or take specific pictures, or even come up with most of the journaling.


I’m not much one for embellishments – so this is basically just words and photos.. .. but it still tells my story. In fact, some might even say it’s too text heavy for a minibook. But who cares?

I’ve blurred out the name of the company I worked for, but otherwise you can see all the pages here….

Augminibook  001 Augminibook  002 Augminibook  003 Augminibook  004 Augminibook  005 Augminibook  006 Augminibook  007 Augminibook  008 Augminibook  009 Augminibook  010 Augminibook  011 Augminibook  012 Augminibook  013


Have you ever documented a job?

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