Marketing 101: What is your offer

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Continuing the series on you-can-do-this-marketing, let’s look at the very very first step you need to take for your marketing campaign.

You need to know what you are offering. The first step of effective marketing is knowing what it is you are specifically offering. It might not be exactly what you think.

If you are selling advertisements, you are offering a large, consistent audience that will see those advertisements. If you are selling website design, you are offering your aesthetic and technical skill and experience. If you are a novelist, you are offering your fantastic personality and writing skills to attract fans.

If we’re thinking of marketing as just really good customer service, the first part of that is knowing what you CAN do for someone.

Tip for customer service in any circumstance: Focus on what you CAN do. Give them options of what you can offer even if you can’t do what they are specifically requesting.

So when marketing your Etsy shop that sells handmade children’s aprons, you need to know that your offer is handmade children’s aprons and dish towels. NOT adult aprons. NOT recipes. NOT nutritional advice.

Know what your offer is and focus on that.

If you write a blog that’s a little scrapbooking and a little home DIY and a little travel tips, maybe you’re actually writing a lifestyle blog and you are offering entertainment.

If you write a blog that is mostly book reviews, maybe you’re offering education and guidance.

Think about WHY someone comes to your site and what they get out of it – that is what you’re offering.

(If that’s not what you want to offer, you need to make some changes).

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And if that’s still too scary, let me know. We’ll schedule a day together to chat and break it down and make you a marketing plan.

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