Top 10 list: Working for myself is awesome

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I quitHonestly …. I could just let this article stand on its own: Why working from home wins


But, just for fun, here are my TOP 10 list of what I’m looking forward to working for myself….

10. Being home

I love my house. I love being home with my cats (I know. I’m that person). I love being home when Andrew gets home from work. I love having the time to finally finish unpacking boxes. I love being able to enjoy the little nest we’re building together.

9. PJs every day

Actually, probably not…. Maybe leggings or dresses without having to worry about being ladylike. But I can wear t-shirts if I want to. I don’t have to feel bad about not wearing makeup. I’m ultimately just going to be so much more physically comfortable.

8. “free” time again

Between the day job and the building L&R I haven’t really had “free time”. I’m going to get to have a social life again. I’m going to have a chance to play video games and watch movies again. I might even make time to work out.

7. much much less junk food

There was always SO MUCH sweets and junk at work. Like every other day someone brought it sweets. Since I don’t buy anything like that to keep in the house, I am anticipating being able to eat a lot better. No more sugar-temptation every single time I get up from my cubicle seat.

6. FAR less wasted time

The kind of work I did involved just sitting around and waiting for work to come in. Sometimes it was crazy busy, and sometimes I did almost nothing for a whole day. As someone who is super motivated, all that wasted time sitting around drove me CRAZY. I would much rather be home cleaning than just sitting at my cubicle for 6 hours with nothing to do. True story.
ALSO far less wasted time in the car. I was spending 52.5 hours/week outside the house between commute, work, lunch, work, commute. NOW I can still work 40 hours/week, get more done AND have more free time.

5. save $$ on gas

Speaking of … Andrew and I both have had to drive so much we were spending about $500/month on gas. For real. Now, though, I won’t be driving nearly as much and Andrew will be driving the better-mileage car so I anticipate cutting that in half at least! Excited :)

4. new sleeping schedule

As I know I’ve mentioned, the last 5 years I’ve worked until 11p every night which is completely against my natural schedule. I am not a fan of staying up late or sleeping in. I’ve only been self-employed for a few days and I’m already back to falling asleep early and getting up around 6a. AND I LOVE IT.
I think I’ll eventually fall into a schedule where I get up at 6a or so …. work work work til mid-afternoon and then relax/sleep/read in the early evening until Andrew gets home. CANNOT WAIT.

3. no salary cap

My day job corporation had a salary cap for my position – and little (really not any) opportunity for advancement. Which means no matter how hard I worked I could never make any more money. Working for myself, though, is the complete opposite. If I sit around reading a book (like I did at the day job), I won’t make any money …. But if I need a little “bonus” or raise I just gotta hustle.
I’m SUPER excited to have more control over how much money I can make because I know I’m smart and I know I’m a hard worker.

2. rewarded for hard work and intelligence

Related …. Everything at the day job was based on seniority. Privileges and perks given to those who have stuck around …. The shaft is given to people who have been there “only” 5 years. So there was no real reason to work hard. There’s no real reason for me to know all the social media, SEO, online marketing stuff that I know. There’s no reward for being smart or working hard at that place.
But working for myself means that I personally get to reap the benefits of my own hard work. Excited!

1. choosing my own tasks

My day job duties were boring. There’s really no other way to put it. It takes 6 months or so to ‘get it’ and really be able to do the job on your own … but after that it’s just variations on a theme. I need to be challenged. I need to have problems to solve. Having to just do the same task over and over again makes me a little crazy.
I’m SO excited to be able to choose my own tasks and make my own work day. I’m super excited to be able to go on little kicks and dive deep into learning a certain topic that I can immediately work into my online platform and work.
Example: My U.S. History class. Looking into building that site out to attract traffic to monetize that fun little obsession I have.
SERIOUSLY so excited to be able to do work that I am interested in!

That gives you some idea of what I’m leaving and what I’m looking forward to….

What would you be most excited about if you worked for yourself?

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