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My husband is an audio engineer.

I could not be more proud of him – over the last 5-or-so-years since we moved back to Los Angeles he has hustled his little tail off getting recording clients, honing his mixing skills, networking at concerts (when he really would rather have been at home with the cats) and just getting his name out there in the music scene that he wants to work in. He’s recorded some great bands and is constantly getting great word-of-mouth referrals for new clients.

My cousin is a sports writer.

He may just be in high school, but he’s been writing about the Clippers on a major basketball website for years. He runs online discussions during games, and most other participants don’t know he doesn’t even have a driver’s license yet. He’s been interviewed by media in other parts of the country (not many writers specialize on the Clippers) and he has started building up a solid portfolio for his college application.

I’ve followed Elsie Larson’s blog for something like 8 years.

I’ve watched her evolve from a scrapbooker, to a scrapbook product designer, to an artist, to a vintage seller to a fashion designer to a media empire mogul. I’m sure I missed a couple other jobs in there. She has been able to pursue what she loves for years, and recently announced that she and her sister have a book coming out and will be turning their focus to their website.

What do these 3 people have in common?

Totally different industries. Totally different job descriptions. But none of the three work in an average, skill-less job.

And all 3 have (or are setting up) an online platform.

If you are a regular reader of Lemon and Raspberry, you are in no way average. You read this site because you believe you can do something special and have something GREAT to offer the world. You read this site because you recognize you have something to offer.

Which means you ALSO need an online platform.

Your platform can be just a site with your credits – we’re working on a redesign of my husband’s site which will prominently feature his past credits because we know that is what potential clients look at first.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, your platform could also be a frequently updated blog – A Beautiful Mess is a media powerhouse that works as the perfect leverage for Elsie and Emma’s upcoming books, showing publishers they can create fantastic content regularly, with a growing audience that wants to read it.

So what do you want to do? And how can an online platform help?

Maybe you want to work on the social media team for an animal-focused non-profit? Start a blog highlighting various animal-focused events, companies and non-profits, using your social media skills to bring attention to their causes.

Maybe you want to write a book about New England gardening? Write a blog on the topic, attracting readers and demonstrating your knowledge.

Maybe you want to be a reality TV star? Start a website and post regular video clips of your dramatic life, attracting viewers and demonstrating your on camera personality.

Assuming you want to do something with your life that is NOT average, you can definitely use an online platform.

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  • Tracy Revalee May 14, 2013 at 3:50 am edit

    Fantastic post. The takeaway for me is also the reinvention of professional self , documenting and integrating along the way. I can talk a good game but its hard work; I’m an author, blogger, mental health advocate and person of faith. My challenge is in that integration stuff. Three websites, one regular blog, two irregular blogs, one book published and one on the way. Anyway, your post here is inspiring. Thanks.

  • Megan Anderson May 14, 2013 at 8:23 am edit

    Love this article! Side note: I have a “Better Blogging” pinboard that I send people to and I’d love to put this in there. Is there any way you could add some sort of image to these kinds of articles (even the same one at the bottom that’s like a “read more blogging articles” that links to the category) so I can spread the word about awesome articles like these easier?


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