What do I want?: Long-term goals

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As inspired by Kam’s post about her long-term goals … I thought my birthday week would be the perfect time to post some of my LONG term goals.

headshot - eyesclosedI have to be honest …. this isn’t easy.

The first one on my list is my current goal – the goal that ALL my energies are currently focused on. I can’t really see beyond that goal. A lot goes into reaching that goal and I can’t even come close to imagining my life once that goal is accomplished.

But I did my best.

I tried to be both realistic/SMART …. AND still dreaming big.

It feels BRAVE and vulnerable to put some of these out there …. like, who am I to make $3000+/month on the internet??? That’s crazy. Yea, right, like I’m really going to publish a novel. Please.

That’s what I’m thinking right now.

But I’m going to hit PUBLISH on this post anyway.

Because this is the YEAR OF BRAVE…. even if being brave is just publicly declaring goals.

By April 2018 (36th birthday)

I have left my cubicle job long long ago

I have finished writing 2 novels and am working on a third.

One of those novels is published, selling well and I’ve been able to go on a solid book-tour visiting all 50 states.

I regularly have an income of at least $3000/month coming from my various online-offered products and services

Andrew and I have traveled to 3 or 4 different locales (undecided where at the moment) – I would like it to be more, but his job is demanding.

I have traveled alone to a few places around the U.S. working on a pet-project non-fiction book about the presidents.

Andrew and I have paid off his student loan and my student loan and have started paying extra toward our mortgage.

We’ve bought new-to-us cars (1 for each of us) in cash. No new debt.

I indulge in sugar a *tiny* bit to celebrate my birthday, but it feels so rich because I never eat sugar/gluten otherwise and feel so healthy for it.

Again … I can’t really think beyond that. Maybe in a year or so I’ll revisit these and see if they are things I still want (obviously the paying off debt will be)

What are your long term goals?

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