April is for

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  • I turn 31!!!!!! Tomorrow. Sounds far older than I feel
  • I’m off work today and tomorrow in celebration – I plan to hang out at home. And do nothing :)
  • Actually, going out to breakfast tomorrow in celebration. I love breakfast out.
  • No other time off this month – we start one of the chunks of blacked out dates for the year.
  • Kam is going to come up and spend the day with me! SO fun :)
  • eating lots of salad – warm weather here in SoCal and we pretty much only eat salad as long as the weather is warm.
  • My friend Tom‘s THIRD YA novel – manicpixiedreamgirl – comes out this month. I pre-ordered it back in December. Very excited :)
  • CATCH UP ON ALL THE THINGS – between my new little job and 30 Days of Lists, February and March have been overwhelming
  • Project Life Project Life Project Life. Need to get back on that saddle.
  • more brave things…. I only have a couple other BRAVE things *planned* so I’ll need to think about how to work that into my life more regularly.
  • A couple video Skype interviews with contributors for my new ecourse (excited to tell you all about it)
  • A couple photo shoots with Maggie
  • A full-day long consulting appointment with a favorite client! Excited to start brainstorming for her blog/business
  • working on our backyard … we need to take out a tree, till, lay new sprinklers and plant grass. And by “we” of course I mean take photos of Andrew doing it.
  • RE-quitting sugar … effective the day after my birthday. Purchased this book in anticipation of recommitting to no sugar. I’ll be blogging more about it at Those Crazy Schuberts
  • Planning more travel for later in the year – excited! I’m getting a little twitchy. We haven’t gone on a PROPER vacation since August 2011
  • READING. I love to read. I have so many good books requested from the library.
  • helping Andrew a little with launch strategy for his next record release

What do you have planned this month?

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