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You have probably heard by now …. Google Reader is being killed by its maker.


I’ve been using Google Reader since before I was blogger myself …. maybe 9 years or so!

Luckily for all of us, there are other RSS options out there!

Kam put together a fantastic post of several RSS readers you can try

Personally, I’m trying Feedly. That was the first alternative I saw multiple recommendations for….  plus it was super easy to move everything over from Google Reader – so I didn’t lose any of my subscriptions.

I still need to try some of the customization options available, but I’ve spent the last few days using Feedly exclusively (even removed Google Reader from my bookmarks) and it’s not too bad.

For subscribing to Lemon and Raspberry, you can use any of the options Kam mentions OR you can subscribe to get posts emailed to you!

1 email goes out each morning with all of the posts that have gone up in the previous 24 hours.

It’s SUPER easy and that way you’ll always be subscribed no matter what happens to all the other RSS readers!

CLICK HERE to subscribe to get L&R posts via email or click the button -> in the sidebar

What are you using to read your blog subscriptions?

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  • Kaylee March 23, 2013 at 7:39 am edit

    I love Bloglovin. It let’s me organize all my subscribed blogs however I like (i.e.- sewing blogs, creativity blogs, cooking blogs, book blogs) and when I log in, there’s a screen shot of each page for my to scroll through. I usually just pick one at random, it opens in a new window, and then just start reading from there. Once it’s been viewed, that page disappears off your feed. You can also heart pages you want to refer back to later.

  • Leiah March 29, 2013 at 8:25 am edit

    I tried Feedly (the transition from Google Reader to Feedly is seamless), but I just can’t get into a flow with it. Plus there are some design flaws with Feedly (clicking on the number next to a feed category automatically marks them all as READ! without confirming if that’s what you want!)

    So instead I tried Bloglovin for the first time and I really love how it load the *entire* blog to show you the post. I love looking at the post within the blog’s layout, plus then I get to see more actual blog designs instead of just stripped-down content within Google Reader.


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