Project Life: Weeks 5 and 6

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This is one of those installations of Project Life where the REAL seeps in (and not just the happy and fun).

My grandmother was diagnosed with brain cancer during the weeks covered in this post.

It breaks my heart. There’s a lot that is super sad about this story – but also a lot that could be worse. So at least there’s that.

I’m planning an insert specifically about it – but I’m waiting on some photos and things so that will need to wait for another post.

In the meantime …..

These are my Project Life spreads from the beginning of February (Jan 28 – Feb 10)…. My weeks run Monday to Sunday – which I love, because they keep the weekends together in a chunk. So the images are *roughly* arranged from Monday on the left to Sunday on the right.

(if you’d like to see the images larger, you should be able to click through to view them on Flickr)

Week FIVE: January 28 – February 3:

The last week before 30 Days of Lists registration opened!

Also this week: the first Day in the Life exercise. But I’m documenting that separately, so you’ll only see a couple photos from that day in the spread.

pl56  001

Left side:

Andrew is hard at work – mixing for some clients and getting a new Ghostbot Records release ready. I don’t know how he does everything he does. He seems to have an unending supply of energy.

This week I had a little “interview” that did not work out, and spent an absurd amount of time in the car. That traffic picture is from my drive to work on Thursday, although really it could be from any day of any week. It’s ridiculous. I try not to think about how much pollution I personally contribute to the world.

pl56  002

Right side:

This week was FULL of final 30Lists preparations! Coordinating with Simple Scrapper about the kit, writing and scheduling final email blasts, keeping the affiliates in the loop. The REGISTER email went out LATE Sunday night, so there was a a big big chunk of my week focused on 30Lists.

In fact, Sunday, Andrew and I took a walk together in the early afternoon (feet photo below), and then he left for several hours to go to a Superbowl party (bottom right photo). Not that he watches football or cares, but he knew I had a lot to do so took up a friend’s invitation to get out of the house. Bless him.

Also this week: worked on my long to do list for Maggie and Andrew spent several days organizing his boss’s iTunes by DAY the song was mixed.

True story. Sounds tedious, but it’s exactly the kind of project Andrew loves once in a while.

pl56  003

Week SIX: February 4 – 10:

30Lists launched officially and we visited San Diego and Phoenix in 48 hours!
pl56  004

Left side:

30Lists registration FLEW! Almost 300 registered in the first 48 hours! RECORD-setting…. Kam and I are so excited :) Plus I decided to do mine in a kit this round, so I started playing with the papers and all to figure out how I wanted to make the book.

Screenshot of my tweet (one of the many reasons I love Twitter and the internet) mounted on a Seafoam card.

Sleeping babies and Andrew got some AWESOME news about his #1 client. That’s his “happrehensive” face (happy+apprehensive). I’m so proud of him :)

pl56  005

Right side:

Early morning (for me) Friday to have my eyes examined. I really like our optometrist. Friendly, easy, not pushing anything I don’t need. Such a refresher.

Mid-morning Saturday we drove down to San Diego to go to my friend Jamie’s housewarming party! She and her then-boyfriend-now-fiancee bought this adorable house in the suburbs. 1960s, lovely plot of land, super cute. Loved it :)

We left San Diego mid-afternoon and drove over to Phoenix.

We spent Sunday in Phoenix visiting with family – particularly my grandmother. Most of the day was just spent watching TV (that’s all she has the energy to do right now) and eating food that my aunt made and brought over (it was rather extreme, actually).

Sad, of course, but relaxing. And I love seeing my grandmother. She’s the best.

pl56  007

Drive home was Monday morning, so maybe that will show up in next week’s Project Life.
Supplies used this month:

150 sqALSO: I have recently contributed to a Big Picture Classes ebook about Project Life! It’s all about using the Project Life structure to dig a little deeper into your stories. Check out more details including a preview here!

If you have questions about HOW I put these together, you can check out my recent posts on the process with supplies, the process with journaling, the process with photos and the process with design.

Project Life, created by Becky Higgins, is a flexible, easy-to-use, highly customizable way to preserve your memories and record your stories in an easy way. Learn more about getting started with Project Life or check out all my Project Life posts.

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