Our home-buying story

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So, as of yesterday we have lived in our house for a year…. and officially owned it for about 13 months.

Yup. That’s how I’m going to start this story – know going in that we couldn’t move in right after closing. It’s one of those kind of houses.

There are far more detailed posts over at Those Crazy Schuberts if you’d like to see more of our mindset as we went along. I will say this. We LOVE this house. We are not sorry we bought it, in spite of what you will read below. Truly.

Our house-buying was recorded on our family blog along the way …

  1. new apartment …. the last before buying a house
  2. choices choices
  3. should we buy a house??
  4. meeting with a realtor for the first time!!
  5. house hunting FOR REAL
  6. looking at houses on our anniversary
  7. we put an offer on it
  8. checking out a cute little house in Newhall
  9. ‘the seller’s bank is insane
  10. our offer was accepted!!
  11. our realtor is the best
  12.  We closed the sale!
  13. Murphy’s Law of buying a house

this post was inspired by

Over the weekend I made a BLURB book of this house tour – can’t wait to show you – and I’m thinking about another BLURB book for the year-long-transformation …

Posted an AS-IS house tour (with the BEFORE photos) here at Those Crazy Schuberts:

1yr  014

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  • Megan Anderson March 11, 2013 at 6:52 am edit

    So excited to see that Blurb book! I made one over the weekend too.

    We had plumbing issues of the weekend and it made me think of you (boy, is that weird to write). It helped keep me in perspective: our problem was super annoying, but it had nothing on the Murphy’s Law crazy Schuberts HQ stuff that went down in the beginning!

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