March is for

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  • getting new headshots taken tomorrow morning by Maggie Keegan Gross
  • continuing to work part-part time as the Studio Manager for Maggie Keegan Gross photography (that’s my new little bitty job, did I tell you?)
  • celebrate 1 year of living in our house!! Taking as-is tour photos this weekend
  • Start my 1st year at home Blurb book for it.
  • read more (I feel like I didn’t read enough this past month)
  • list list list
  • hopefully get Game of Thrones season 2 from Netflix (it just came out on DVD recently)
  • Working with a couple consulting clients
  • work on pitching some guest posts
  • start my Blurb book for the Day in the Life project
  • nap more. Naps are my favorite.
  • eat more veggies. Eat less sugar.
  • get back into working on writing my second novel. It’s been on the backburner w/ 30Lists launching.

Turns out I don’t have a TON planned … but I’m sure my days will fill up :)

What do you have planned this month?

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