In the last month: March

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As you read this I’m in the middle of a 5-day weekend (!!). A couple weekends ago we were doing this (photo above). Andrew was weeding and I was sitting in the backyard with my laptop.

God bless technology.

God bless SoCal.

Also in March ….



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listened to:

  • my To Sing playlist. I miss performing, but at least I can belt it out on my way to work.
  • Bring It On the Musical – I just LOVE Lin-Manuel Miranda. I will buy the soundtracks to all his shows.
  • New original songs from Smash – I’ve listened to this song (Broadway Here I Come) about 900x in the last month. I love Jeremy Jordan Plus the subtext of the song is about being BRAVE, so how can I help it.
  • WTF episodes including Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Michael Keaton and others
  • Some SYSK episodes including one about fecal transplants which I have heard about on 2 other podcasts in the last year. Turns out science is fascinating.


  • Apparently I really am a grown-up. I got all kinds of grown-up stuff done this month. Like adding Andrew to my AAA account and opening an IRA.
  • Skype. Awesome. Tried it for real this month.
  • Premise – I bought it a few months ago and finally tried it out. LOVE IT. Full review coming.


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What have you done this month?

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